A truck crash is a traumatic experience for all involved. The sheer force of the impact can result in devastating injuries that range from broken bones to brain injuries. If this happened to you, it’s only right that you get the compensation payout you deserve. Due to the complex nature of this type of accident, it’s strongly recommended that you hire an attorney. Luckily for you, Kuzyk Law has some of the best truck accident lawyers around.

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Check out these four traits of a successful truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles that you should be looking out for.


As we said, truck accidents are complex incidents not just in terms of the resulting injuries but also in the handling of the case itself. There are so many complicated rules and regulations involved that it’s wise to have an experienced personal injury attorney on your side who knows the ins and outs of the legislation very well.
Traits of a Successful Truck Accident Injury Lawyer You Should be Looking Out For
An inexperienced lawyer could easily let something critical slip by unnoticed and ruin your chances at winning the case.

An experienced lawyer will have a lot of previous exposure to similar cases where larger companies have even bigger insurers and law firms behind them. This could intimidate a less experienced attorney, which could jeopardize your case.

You never want to be your lawyer’s first case in a scenario like this. That’s why prior experience is a must when choosing the best truck accident lawyers to represent you.

Willingness and Ability to Investigate

A successful truck accident injury lawyer knows to take action quickly and is willing to perform a thorough investigation of the incident. There are many pieces of evidence that a good attorney must collect, including:

  • Eyewitness testimony.
  • Truck driver’s log book, personnel files and other crucial paperwork.
  • Full vehicle maintenance, safety and inspection reports.
  • Police reports.
  • Expert advice regarding medical files or trucking incident expertise.
  • Accident reconstruction evidence.

Not only does your lawyer have to gather this evidence, they have to do so quickly and efficiently to stay within the statutes of limitation. Plus, memories fade and injuries start to heal, so getting everything documented right away is of paramount importance.

Knowledge of FMCSA Rules and Regulations

Because the rules and regulations regarding truck drivers are so complex, you need to ensure that the personal injury attorney you hire is confident in the case, backed by attention to detail and a history of success. with them. There are specific rules on how many hours a truck driver can drive without taking a break, as well as rules regarding when drivers must perform inspections and how trucking companies maintain their trucks.

Hiring a lawyer who can detect Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) violations can mean the difference between a successful case and an unsuccessful one.

Success and Satisfaction Rate

Not every attorney wins every case, even the best ones. But a good success rate increases your chances of gaining a full pay-out. When examining their success rate, view their most recent cases to get an accurate picture of how they’re performing at the moment. What were the outcomes? Were the cases similar to yours? An attorney may be amazing at handling medical malpractice cases but may not have the first clue when it comes to truck incident injury cases.

Also, take a look at their satisfaction rate. How well do they interact with clients? Are they easily accessible? Do you feel a comfortable rapport when you meet with them? How quickly do they return your calls? Response times are a solid indicator of how committed they are to you. Do they call you back within a reasonable amount of time when you have a question about your case?

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Despite how serious or minor your claim is, you should consider hiring a truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles. If you try to represent yourself, it’s far too easy to miss out on small details that could impact your case.

At Kuzyk Law, we’ve been representing Californians since 1971. With us, you get no less than the best representation to give you the highest chance of success in your truck accident injury claim. Our team offers free consultations, so get in touch today at 661-945-6969. We have all the traits of successful truck accident injury lawyers that you are looking for.