A wrongful death case is where the victim’s family attempts to prove that the defendant was responsible or civilly liable for the deceased person’s death as the result of a careless, deliberate or negligent act. These are often complicated cases that require a highly skilled team of personal injury attorneys, such as the wrongful death lawyers at Kuzyk Law. Handling a wrongful death case requires skill, strategy, and most of all, sensitivity, understanding and compassion. No amount of money is enough, and nothing will take away the pain, loss, and devastation that the family must endure. But Kuzyk Law is here to help, and obtain the maximum financial recovery for the family; the victims who must survive and go on without their loved one.

Our wrongful death attorneys must consider a number of factors in evaluating your wrongful death claim. Our experienced California wrongful death attorneys can help Los Angeles County victims’ families obtain maximum compensation by carefully examining the specific aspects of the case. An important step in a wrongful death case is to establish the life expectancy of the decedent had the accident not occurred. To do this, we consider the decedent’s age, medical history and occupation, and other factors. We also consider lost earnings, and other financial support that the family lost as a result of their loved one’s death. This requires us to review the decedent’s employment and salary history, and anticipated future wages.
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How Can a Person Bring a Wrongful Death Claim?

A wrongful death case can be brought by the estate of the person who died (the decedent) so that the proceeds of the case can be distributed to the decedent’s heirs. In addition, survivors may bring a wrongful death case, including the decedent’s spouse, children, and grandchildren, or the decedent’s parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents or other descendants, and dependents of the person who died. There are complicated rules that determine who can bring the claim, which is one of the may reasons that any potential wrongful death case should be promptly evaluated by an experienced wrongful death attorney.

What Damages Can I Recover?

A California wrongful death case is usually very complicated and hard-fought, which is why it is so important to have an experienced wrongful death attorney help you. As the survivor of a loved one, you can file a wrongful death lawsuit for the recovery of the following kinds of damages:

    1. The loss of the love, companionship, comfort, affection, support, and consortium of the decedent
    2. The value of the household services the loved one would have provided in the future if any, and
    3. The value of the financial support which the survivor would have received from the loved one but for the unfortunate death.

When a devastating accident takes the life of a loved one, the survivors are thrown into chaos, and unimaginable pain and suffering. Kuzyk Law’s wrongful death attorneys understand, and with compassion, sensitivity, and experience, we will help you! Contact us today for a free consultation.



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