Bicycle accidents can be very serious when they occur in high automobile traffic areas. There are thousands of bicyclists injured in California every year, and very often, this is because motorists failed to obey the right-of-way laws designed to protect them.

A bicycle is no match for a large, heavy motorized passenger vehicle. Auto accidents involving bicycle riders can produce extensive injuries to the bike rider in even the simplest accident at slow speeds.

Bicycle versus vehicle collisions are often devastating to the rider and his or her family and can result in catastrophic injuries, huge medical bills, and even wrongful death.

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While bikes are often lumped in with pedestrian traffic just like individuals who are walking, many individuals who suffer injuries in a bicycle accident can have more difficulty collecting damages than someone who is struck by a vehicle while walking.

A primary issue with bicycle accidents is that bikes typically move much faster than walking pedestrians, and the speed of the bike can impact the degree of injury to the rider. In addition, instances of hit-and-run collisions involving a bicycle are also common, so even identifying a negligent party can also be problematic.

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Comparative Negligence and Insurance Companies

The real issue when attempting to recover damages for injuries resulting from a bicycle accident is the degree of comparative negligence the injured bike rider may be assigned when evaluating the case. This is why it is so important to have an experienced Antelope Valley law firm representing your case.

All insurance company claims adjusters use the comparative negligence law as a tool to reduce the total settlement value when they are faced with providing insurance coverage for the negligent driver. Even when the adjuster cannot outright deny a personal injury claim, they can still attempt to lessen the value of the claim by expressing to the court that the injured bicyclist was the actual cause of the accident. Having an experienced team of personal injury attorneys handling your case means you will receive maximum compensation owed—usually by settlements, or in rarer cases, in court.

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