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If you have been seeking a Fresno car accident lawyer after a car accident, you’re not alone. Sadly, accident statistics show a high number of crashes and fatalities in the area — over 1,000 in 2020, many involving alcohol and many where pedestrians were hurt or killed.

Keep reading to learn why these accidents happen in Fresno, what to do if you’re in an accident, and how a Fresno personal injury attorney can help you after a serious crash.

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What Causes Car Accidents Most Often?

There are multiple factors that most commonly contribute to car accidents in Fresno and elsewhere in the United States. You can reduce your risk of causing a motor vehicle crash if you avoid these hazards.


Speeding is a top cause of accidents, especially on the highway, where the results can be fatal. If people around you are going far above the speed limit, pull over and travel in the right lane whenever possible.

Driving Distracted

Never drive distracted. This means no texting or even talking on the phone using an earpiece. Kids and pets should be properly restrained. Keep your radio turned down so you can hear horns and sirens near you.

Driving Under the Influence

Most commonly, this refers to drinking and driving. But it also includes driving while on recreational drugs and on certain medications that cause drowsiness — whether prescription or over the counter. Driving when tired can mimic the effects of driving under the influence, so don’t operate a vehicle when exhausted.

How to Choose a Fresno Car Accident Lawyer

When life takes an unexpected turn, and you find yourself facing the aftermath of a personal injury, choosing the right legal representation is paramount to securing the justice and compensation you deserve. In the vast sea of attorneys, finding the ideal Fresno personal injury lawyer may seem daunting — we’re here to guide you through this crucial decision-making process.

Expertise That Matters

Look for a seasoned personal injury lawyer with a proven track record in handling cases similar to yours.

What does a car accident lawyer do? Their job is rarely straightforward. You need an attorney well-versed in the complexities of personal injury law who can navigate the legal waters with finesse, maximizing your chances of a favorable outcome.

Compassion and Understanding

Your injury case is not just another file — it’s your life, and you deserve empathy and compassion from your lawyer. Seek a legal professional who truly listens to your story, understands your pain, and is committed to being your advocate throughout the process.

Client Testimonials

Don’t just take their word for it — listen to what their clients have to say. Honest testimonials and reviews from past clients provide valuable insights into the lawyer’s reputation, client satisfaction, and success rate.

Personalized Attention

Your case is unique and deserves personalized attention tailored to your specific needs. Choose a Fresno car accident lawyer who prioritizes open communication and treats you as an individual, not just another case number.

Trial Experience

While many personal injury cases settle outside of court, having a lawyer with substantial trial experience can be a game-changer. A fearless litigator is prepared to take your case to court if needed, sending a powerful message to the opposing party.

Transparent Fee Structure

Clear and transparent communication about the lawyer’s fee structure is crucial. Choose an attorney who offers a contingency fee arrangement, so you don’t have to worry about upfront costs or fees unless they win your case.

Local Knowledge

Opt for a car accident lawyer with a strong presence in the Fresno community. Local attorneys understand the intricacies of the local legal system, and their connections may prove invaluable in building a compelling case.

Initial Consultation

Take advantage of a free initial consultation to assess your potential lawyer. Use this opportunity to ask questions, gauge their expertise, and determine if you feel comfortable working together.

What Expenses Can You Claim After a Car Accident?

A Fresno car accident lawyer can help you make a claim for compensation after an auto accident. You might wonder what this includes. Here are the different types of expenses that your Fresno personal injury attorney might choose to use in the case.

Medical Expenses

The insurance or at-fault party should cover acute medical care after the accident. However, the case could involve expenses beyond the initial emergency room visit. It can also include physical therapy and other medical services required for a full recovery from your accident injuries. Medical expenses can also involve equipment needed for mobility or health support, such as wheelchairs. Good Fresno car accident lawyers, like Kuzyk Law, will pursue a settlement that incorporates ongoing medical expenses.

Loss of Income

If you miss work due to the accident and subsequent hospital stay, you may be eligible to claim a loss of income. Depending on the severity of your injuries and your profession, you may also claim income missed due to being physically unable to do your job.

A Fresno car accident attorney can also assess your situation to see if you missed any professional opportunities, such as training, certification, promotions, or other events that would likely lead to higher earnings. These missed opportunities could become part of the personal injury case.

Property Damage

The case will also include damage to the vehicle and any other property. The at-fault party will have to cover the cost of replacing your possessions or repairing them to their pre-accident condition.

Pain and Suffering

A Fresno car accident lawyer may also seek compensation for the physical and mental pain you suffer due to the accident. This category can include loss of enjoyment in life and inability to perform family duties or engage in activities you previously enjoyed.

Punitive Damages

In California, you can also sue for punitive damages, which are meant to punish the at-fault party if they are negligent or caused the accident on purpose. A Fresno car accident attorney can review your case and decide if you can prove the need for punitive damages.The Frenso personal injury attorneys at Kuzyk Law can review your case and help you put a dollar amount on the economic damages (medical expenses and property damage) and calculate non-economic compensation (pain and suffering and other problems causing a loss of quality of life). Our team can negotiate with insurers and the at-fault party’s lawyers to find a settlement. If these efforts fail, we can build a court case to pursue fair compensation before a judge.

What Should You Do If You Are in a Car Accident?

With safety as your top priority, decide whether or not to exit your vehicle or if you should move to the side of the road.

Dial 911 for first responder assistance. Even if it is a “fender bender,” you will need law enforcement to assign fault to the accident, which determines whose insurance pays for damages and liability.

You may have injuries that don’t provoke symptoms for a couple of days. Likewise, you may think your car is fine, only to discover hidden damage later. If you choose to meet with a car accident lawyer later, you will be glad you called for help that can help identify if another driver caused the crash.

Document as much as possible with photos, videos, or witness contact information at the scene. If you receive medical treatment afterward, make sure that’s all written down as well, ideally with photographs of any injuries.

You are required to exchange information with any other parties involved in the accident: names, contact information, insurance policies, and license plate numbers.

Never admit you were at fault in the accident, either to a police officer or to other drivers. You may say something that isn’t correct in the moment, especially if you’re in shock.

You need to make two calls to report the accident: one to your insurance company and one to the California DMV. You may wish to make a third call to a Fresno car accident lawyer if you or a passenger is injured, if you have trouble reaching an insurance settlement, or if you feel your rights were not upheld after the crash.

What Does a Car Accident Lawyer Do?

Before searching for “car accident lawyer near me,” you may wonder how a car accident attorney can help. A Fresno personal injury lawyer, like Kuzyk Law, can assist in many ways.

At your first consultation, you’ll go over your case with a Fresno personal injury attorney, who can help you decide how to move forward. They may help you negotiate a better settlement with the other driver’s insurance carrier, for instance.

If the insurance company is not forthcoming with a reasonable claim, or if there were serious injuries or deaths involved — particularly if the other driver was breaking the law before the crash — you may wish to go to court.

Kuzyk Law can help you get the financial compensation that’s rightfully yours, whether you need to be paid for medical treatments, lost income, damaged property, or pain and suffering. An experienced car accident lawyer with a good track record of success knows California laws and has the resources to work on your case, including conducting an investigation, working with expert witnesses, going to bat against an insurance company, or representing you in a trial.

When you have an attorney to do all that for you, you have a better chance of getting the best possible outcome for your case. And you can get on with your life knowing a team of professionals has your back.

Why Choose Us as Your Fresno Personal Injury Attorney?

Are you searching ” personal injury lawyer near me”? Your search ends here.

At Kuzyk Law, we stand resolute in our dedication to fighting for the rights of personal injury victims in Fresno.

Our seasoned personal injury attorneys specialize in a wide range of cases, including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, slips, falls, dog bites, pedestrian or bike accidents, burns, and more.

With decades of experience in personal injury law, we have consistently achieved excellent results, earning the trust and satisfaction of countless clients. 

A Legacy of Compassion and Excellence

Founded by Volodar “Walt” Kuzyk in 1971, Kuzyk Law has been a stalwart champion for those in need. Representing over 100,000 clients over four decades, Walt Kuzyk built an impeccable reputation based on the core values of helping people and safeguarding their rights and welfare.

Over 80 percent of our clients come to us through referrals from satisfied individuals, a testament to our unwavering commitment to our clients’ well-being.

Rooted in the Community

Walt Kuzyk’s passion for the Antelope Valley led him to make it our home. Our office, located at 2045 E. Ashlan Ave. Ste. 106 in Fresno, California, represents our deep love for the community.

Having purchased the entire building, we take immense pride in serving and giving back to the people we cherish.

A Dynamic and Experienced Team

With over 30 talented individuals, including highly experienced attorneys, we form a formidable team ready to fight for you.

Our attorneys possess an intimate understanding of personal injury laws and are well-versed in navigating complex cases with tenacity and expertise.

Relentless Advocacy for Fair Compensation

We understand that insurance companies often try to intimidate accident victims into settling for less than they deserve. At Kuzyk Law, we fiercely combat such practices.

Our track record of collecting over $900 million for our clients speaks volumes about our commitment to securing the compensation our clients rightfully deserve.

We Stand by Your Side

Our team is always accessible, with someone available 24/7 to take your call and assist you when you need it the most. Your case is our priority, and we are privileged to handle it with the utmost care and dedication.Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Let us fight for you and pursue the justice and compensation you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation, without any obligations, at (661) 945-6969. Your journey to recovery starts with us by your side.

Our Personalized Approach to Your Case

At Kuzyk Law, we understand that every personal injury case is unique, and we treat each client with the individual attention and care they deserve.

When you choose us as your Fresno personal injury lawyer, you can expect a personalized approach tailored to your specific needs.

Listening to Your Story

We believe in the power of communication and actively listen to your account of the incident and its impact on your life. Understanding the full scope of your situation allows us to build a compelling case that reflects the true extent of your damages.

Thorough Investigation

Our team conducts a thorough investigation — gathering crucial evidence and expert testimony — to build a strong foundation for your claim. We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of justice on your behalf.

Transparent Communication

Throughout the legal process, we maintain transparent communication, keeping you informed about the progress of your case and addressing any questions or concerns you may have. Our open-door policy ensures you are never left in the dark.

Emphasizing Your Well-Being

Beyond the legal aspects, we genuinely care about your well-being and recovery. Our compassionate team provides support and guidance, connecting you with resources to aid your healing journey.

Negotiating from Strength

With extensive experience negotiating with insurance companies and opposing parties, we advocate fiercely on your behalf. Our goal is to secure the maximum compensation possible, ensuring your rights are protected.

No Fees Unless We Win

We understand the financial strain personal injuries can impose. That’s why we operate on a contingency fee basis. You don’t pay any fees unless we win your case, allowing you to focus on your recovery without added stress.

The Timeline for a Car Accident Case

When you search for “a car accident lawyer near me,” it is only the first step in a potentially long process. Here is how the case will progress once you hire a Fresno car accident lawyer. When you ask “What does a car accident lawyer do,” most answers focus on court hearings and civil trials. However, this step is the last one in the process after other settlement options are exhausted.

Negotiation with Insurance Companies

When you contact Kuzyk Law, lawyers will decide where to start the case. Usually, the first step is to negotiate with the insurance company. Insurers often attempt to settle quickly to avoid paying for additional medical expenses. A lawyer will advocate for a fair settlement and help you avoid getting undercut.

Settlement Negotiations

Your Fresno personal injury attorney can make a detailed demand to the attorneys for the at-fault party and their insurers. Even if they do not accept his demand, they may be willing to negotiate to find a reasonable settlement. An attorney from Kuzyk Law can represent you during these discussions.


Mediation is often the final step before the case goes to court. The two sides present their arguments before a mediator, who decides the award amount, liability, and other questions. If the sides agree to this decision, they can avoid a court case.

Civil Court Case

If all these efforts fail, the lawyer can represent you in court and argue on your behalf, seeking a judgment that compensates you fairly. If the case reaches this point, a judge will ultimately weigh the merits of your case and make a legally binding decision. It’s essential to have a skilled lawyer familiar with personal injury or a related practice area on your side in court. 

Contact a Fresno Personal Injury Attorney Today

Have you or a loved one been in a car accident in Fresno and hit a brick wall with the other party’s insurance company? Were you injured, or did you lose a family member in the accident? Have you endured pain and suffering or had financial setbacks because of the accident?

Contact Kuzyk Law today to explore your options for compensation and to have your rights properly upheld according to California Law. Call us at (661) 465-6286, or reach out online to set up an appointment with us at our Fresno location at 2045 E. Ashlan Avenue, Suite 106.

We’ve successfully settled over 100,000 cases, and we welcome the chance to add yours to that list. Your first consultation with Kuzyk Law is absolutely free.

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