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Semi trucks…commercial trucks…18 wheelers…trailers. We see more and more accidents on the road involving these kinds of trucks as the years go on. The bigger the truck, the bigger your potential injuries as a driver, pedestrian, or bicyclist.

If you’ve been involved in a commercial truck accident, get the proper medical treatment first…then call Kuzyk Law, your trusted Lancaster commercial truck accident lawyers here in Lancaster.

Our experienced truck accident lawyers can protect your rights and inform you of your options. We can help you file your lawsuit and arrange a settlement with the insurance company or the owner of the truck. But you can’t afford to waste time. The longer you wait, the harder it is to win your case.

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Commercial Truck Accidents: A Big Concern on the Roadways In Lancaster

With trucks getting bigger and construction and retail businesses booming in Lancaster, naturally there are more trucks on the road. More people are ordering online, leading to even more trucks congesting the already-busy roadways in and around the city.

Therefore, your chances of being broadsided by a commercial truck are higher than ever. There are many factors that contribute to trucking accidents, from impaired driver vision and blind spots to driver fatigue.

Lancaster, a city in northern LA County and Antelope Valley, is the 31st biggest city in the state. It stands to reason that a town this big and in such close proximity to the bustling hub of LA will experience more traffic and more accidents.

Due to the size and speed of commercial trucks, the accidents that may result are often devastating and deadly. Protect yourself and your loved ones with help from the best team around: Kuzyk Law.

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After you have received the appropriate medical care after your commercial truck accident, call our dedicated team. We can help you get follow-up medical care and full treatment to get you healthy again, if possible, and in most cases, we can get the doctors to provide their services on a lien basis (in other words, no up front, out of pocket medical costs…the doctors get paid when the case settles).  We can work with your regular doctors, or we can even recommend reputable and experienced doctors if you don’t have your own.

We can settle or go to court to fight on your behalf to get the compensation you are entitled to. Most cases don’t make it to court, and are settled amicably through a faster, more informal process via negotiation and/or mediation. Let us negotiate to get you compensation for damages ranging from medical bills to lost earnings.

“Everything was handled in a timely manner. Was very happy with the professionalism. Thank you to all that helped.” — Luis L., Lancaster, CA

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Trucking Is Dangerous Work

There are many causes that can contribute to commercial truck accidents. Fatigue is one of them. A tired driver is just as dangerous on the roadways as a drunk one. All too often, commercial truck drivers go long hours in a row without sleep and can get lulled by the long journeys ahead of them, thanks to pressure from their bosses to make more and more headway. As a result, employers of truckers, owners of freight and owners of shipping companies can all be found at fault for pushing their divers too far.

Overloading is another factor in truck accidents. Trucks that are too heavy with freight can require long stopping distances, increasing the chances of rear-end collisions. This is the main reason trucks have to adhere to strict safety regulations regarding overloading. Failure to comply can result in a deadly accident. Unfortunately, this happens all too often.

Related to this is the practice of improper loading. Trucks that are packed or secured improperly can pose the risk of uneven weight distribution, leading to instability and the chance for roll-over or rear-end collision. In this case, the company in charge of weighing the freight could be held accountable.

“30 to 40 Tons of Metal Crashing Down”

Commercial truck accidents are ultimately more dangerous than standard motor vehicle crashes. Just imagine: big rigs that tip over can bring 30 to 40 tons of metal crashing down and causing widespread devastation. The toll can be massive casualties and injuries when trucks and semi-trucks are involved.

If you or a loved one has gone through life-altering emotional or physical trauma as a result of such an accident, you are entitled to compensation to cover ongoing medical bills, pain and suffering, and loss of future earnings.

You need Lancaster car accident lawyers who can tackle these cases with ease, fighting against insurance companies who are looking to get by on the lowest payout possible.

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