As lawyers fighting for countless motorcycle accident victims, we know the pain and anguish suffered by the rider, by others involved in the accident, by their family, and by their friends. Knowing more about accidents from an Antelope Valley motorcycle accident lawyer and preventing them produces safer drivers while lessening the risk.

Imagine yourself cruising down the open road. The feel of a rumbling engine and the tires gripping the road. Wind whistling by on a beautiful sunny day. 

That perfectly describes a great day of motorcycling in beautiful California.

Unfortunately, motorcycle use can call up less pleasant images. Rubber burned into the road. The wail of an ambulance. A serious injury, or even worse.

Motorcycle riders have a far greater potential for injury than car or truck drivers do. In any given year, accidents in these vehicles account for 30 percent higher rates of death than those driving automobiles. The feeling of freedom that makes motorcycles so enjoyable can cause even more risk when accidents do occur.

Important Motorbike Safety, from Kuzyk Law, Your Antelope Valley Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle accidents are more common than we’d like in Southern California, and we have been fighting motorcycle accident cases for years.

Thousands of motorcycle, truck and car accidents happen every day. We have handled many cases on injuries sustained, medical assistance required, damages, and wrongful death arising from motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle accident victims need a Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyer that understands all aspects of injury law, insurance companies, and local courts so we can make sure you get financial compensation for your injuries, medical bills, pain and suffering and property damage. Kuzyk Law has collected over $900,000,000 ($900 million) in settlements and verdicts for our clients since 1971 as a result of auto accidents, and victims of motorcycle accidents can rest easy knowing we have proven results and will fight for the compensation owed to our clients.

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Motorcycle Accidents Continue to Rise In California

For almost a generation, motorcycle accidents have continued to rise across California. Since 1997, statistics indicate that the rate of fatalities related to motorcycle accidents has doubled. 

Drivers and riders 40 and over were at most risk to die in motorcycle crashes. The highest rate of fatalities occurs in summer, usually with peaks in July.

Experts disagree on exact reasons for the rising number of fatalities, but those using them are more at risk for injuries or death.

Although driving a motorcycle involves elevated risk, in many cases, the operator is not at fault. Drivers of cars and trucks who fail to use the roadways safely put everyone around them at risk, especially motorcycle operators. All too often, careless drivers put motorcycle operators at higher risk of serious injuries or even death.

Regardless of the cause, those who have suffered in an accident through no fault of their own have options on how to get related expenses paid.

Leading Reasons For Motorcycle Accidents In California

Alcohol use plays a significant role in motorcycle accidents. Over one-fourth of all who died while driving a motorcycle had a blood alcohol content over the California legal limit. 

Deaths also resulted from motorcycle drivers failing to wear the proper equipment. Helmetless deaths continue to rise in California and other states as well. 

Cars making left-hand turns cause higher numbers of motorcycle deaths. Over four out of ten motorcycle accidents involve this maneuver. Motorcycles, especially at night and during poor weather conditions, are far less visible than other cars. 

Collisions occur as motorcycles go straight through the intersection. Danger also increases if the motorcycle rides alongside or is even trying to overtake the car.

Here are several other common reasons for motorcycle accidents:

  • Speeding (either motorcycle or other vehicle (s) involved
  • Distracted driving (using a cell phone, texting, eating, etc.)
  • Poor weather or road conditions
  • Tailgating, weaving, and other unsafe driving tactics
  • Lane splitting by the motorcycle operator

In  most cases, motorcycle accidents involve the front end of the motorcycle. No other type of motorcycle accident causes as much harm as when one strikes another object head-on.


Important Recent Changes In the Law

Since 2018, California has served as the only state in the union to legalize lane splitting. Lane splitting refers to the practice of riding between two cars driving the same direction on a four or more lane highway. 

Lane splitting was legalized to mitigate traffic congestion and to reduce emissions. The federal government and others, however, still regard it as a dangerous and unsafe practice, although the California Highway Patrol currently conducts classes on how to split lanes more safely.

That said, one of the most significant dangers in lane splitting comes when drivers do not see the approach of the motorcycle, especially if it drives at excessive speeds. 

We recommend that motorcycle drivers take the official state safety course before attempting this risky maneuver.

Best Ways to Avoid Accidents and Injuries

No one can entirely avoid the risk of accidents and resulting injuries regardless of which motor vehicle you operate.  You can, however, take steps to reduce the chance that you will have an accident or suffer injuries or death as a result.

First, wear all approved safety equipment. This includes a helmet designed to provide optimal protection. We also recommend that you wear proper boots, gloves, jackets, pants, or full-length suits. These will help to prevent road burns and other problems should you fall from your bike.

Eye protection is also a must because pebbles and other debris can fly into your eyes, which will likely result in an accident.

Also, make sure to wear lighter colors or even high visibility vests at night. Cars already have difficulty seeing motorcycles during the day. At night, the risk is even greater for accidents and injuries.

Finally, follow the same safety precautions recommended to other drivers. Always maintain safe speeds. Drive courteously and without aggression. Pay attention to all sights and sounds around you relevant to driving. Do not allow distractions by mobile devices, food, or music.

Experienced Motorcycle Injury Lawyers

If you have suffered an injury in a motorcycle accident through no or little fault of your own, reach out to Kuzyk Law.

For almost half a century, Kuzyk Law has collected for clients in need. To date, we have earned over $900 million for our vehicular accident clients, including thousands of motorcycle operators.

We offer experienced, professional, and successful representation. Regardless of the size of the case, we deploy all of our resources to ensure the best possible chance of achieving justice for clients.

At Kuzyk Law, our team of experienced professionals is in this business because we care. All too often, an individual suffers an injury, loses a job, and sees their life’s work slip away. For these people, we fight for what’s theirs and what’s right.


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