The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that 4,500 people were killed in motorcycle crashes in 2014, down from the previous year. However, 92,000 motorcyclists were injured in their accidents in that same year, up nearly 5 percent from the previous year. For every vehicle mile traveled, motorcyclist fatalities occurred 26 times more frequently than passenger car fatalities.

The awareness level for motorcyclists on the road is low. People tend to treat them as if they were cars, but they are so much more vulnerable than that. Motorcycle accident injuries are incredibly serious.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, you deserve more than the paltry payout offered by the insurance company.
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Many people naively assume their insurance company will come through for them in the aftermath. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The standard insurance industry payout model is to get you the lowest amount possible, regardless of whether it’s enough to cover your ongoing medical and therapy bills…which it usually is not.

Don’t fall for the promises of insurance companies to give you an adequate payout. Their idea of compensation won’t meet up with your actual needs.

Call Kuzyk Law. We’ll fight for the maximum compensation for your injuries, rehab, lost wages and ongoing pain & suffering.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Head injuries are by far the most common type of injury from motorcycle accidents, bringing a higher percentage of brain damage and concussions. Common injuries you or a loved one may have experienced as a result of a motorcycle crash include:

  • Head and neck injuries: paralysis, traumatic brain injury, concussion, skull fractures, whiplash.
  • Road rash: Occurs after a rider slides across the pavement after being thrown from the motorcycle. This rash isn’t minor; rather, these cuts, scrapes and bruises can lead to skin irritations, infections, and surface nerve damage.
  • Muscle damage: tears, pulls, paralysis.
  • Biker’s arm: This often occurs as a result of bikers’ natural instincts to brace their fall with their arms or lessen the impact to more vulnerable areas of the body, leading to permanent nerve damage and broken bones.
  • Leg, knee and foot injuries: shattered lower extremities, fractured bones or knees, broken feet, severe bruising. These injuries can become permanently disabling if proper therapy is not obtained quickly.

Insurance Companies Don’t Have Your Best Interests at Heart

Motorcycle accidents can be financially devastating as well, with a long and expensive road to recovery for the injured. Who will pay your medical bills as you are attempting to recover?
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You may also miss a significant amount of work, and someone has to provide for your family in the meantime. Do you want to settle for a meager payout that barely covers damage to your motorcycle and the initial hospital bills?

Many insurance companies will do all they can to pin the blame on YOU so they don’t have to pay you anything at all.

Call Kuzyk Law as soon as you can. We have the experience to go toe-to-toe with these callous insurance companies.

Why We are the Solution

Backed by more than 45 years fighting for compensation our clients deserve, Kuzyk Law has handled many cases on motorcycle injuries sustained, medical assistance required, damages, and wrongful death arising from motorcycle accidents. Our Los Angeles County motorcycle accident lawyers understand the work that must be done to cut through the red tape, fight the insurance companies, and successfully obtain the financial award you deserve so you can recover in peace.

If a motorcycle accident has killed a loved one or caused serious injury to your person or someone you love, make that important call to Kuzyk Law. Time is not on your side in cases like these. It’s imperative that you act quickly, obtaining the medical treatment you need and placing a call to our team as soon as possible. During this time, it’s crucial to follow your doctor’s orders, take the best care of yourself or your loved one as possible, and save everything related to your case. This includes paperwork, prescription bottles, and photos of your injuries. Take as many pictures as you can to show the accident scene, your motorcycle, the other vehicles, witnesses, your injuries and the treatment you received.  These pictures can be very valuable in convincing the insurance company or a jury to award you the full amount you are entitled to.

Not sure where to start? Get a free, no-obligation case evaluation when you call one of our compassionate personal injury lawyers at 661-945-6969. We will be your voice when you have none.