Premises liability is a legal term that simply indicates that a residential or business property owner is required to maintain their property in a reasonably efficient manner that reduces safety hazards for guests or customers and that failure to do so could make them liable in the event of a personal injury on the premises. For any questions about premises liability please contact our premises liability lawyers in Antelope Valley for a free consult today!

However, personal injury cases are often defended vigorously, and the liability for damages is rarely established as simply as proving where the accident actually occurs. The injury must also be the fault of the property owner or manager, whether directly or indirectly, and proving this can be tricky.

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Understanding Comparative Negligence In Antelope Valley

California, like most other states across the nation, implements the comparative negligence doctrine. Just as in filing a personal injury claim for an auto accident injury, premises liability accident victims will also include an assessment for contributory negligence.

Determining Contributory Percentage

Insurance company adjusters use every method available in attempting to reduce the value of their responsibility for a premises liability injury. While those tactics can include personal injury history, many times the primary method is developing a defense that puts the responsibility on the injured party. Insurance adjusters will always try to assess your comparative negligence percentage as high as possible.

The truth is, this calculation is anything but an exact science, and having an experienced and aggressive Antelope Valley premises liability attorney means that you will have a professional negotiator representing your case who can recognize when the insurance company adjuster is negotiating in bad faith. When your premises liability attorney can demonstrate the bad faith company action, the result could be another potential lawsuit that your counsel can use for leverage to reduce the level of comparative negligence while increasing your claim value.

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