Taking a fall is more serious than most people think.

Whether you slip off a sidewalk on a city street or fall in a department store, the municipality or owner of the property could be to blame if unsafe conditions were present at the time of the accident. Your fall could result in broken bones, burns, head injuries and much more, leading to high medical bills that you shouldn’t have to be responsible for. If you take time out of work to heal, you may lose your pay and benefits. Then who will provide for your family?
Slip Fall Injuries Need Kuzyk Law
Whether you tripped over a neglected sidewalk or slipped in your local store, these types of cases arise from something called “premises liability” which places the responsibility of maintaining safe conditions with the property owners.

They have a certain duty to make sure their facilities are safe for customers. When those safety measures fail, you could get seriously hurt and thus deserve financial compensation for the resulting injuries.

Here at Kuzyk Law, we can get justice for you and hold the responsible party accountable for those dangerous conditions. We have more than 45 years of experience dealing with personal injury law, and slip and fall cases in particular. We know what the insurance companies try to get away with and we call them on it.

Insurance Companies Tend to Underpay

Insurance companies are notorious for trying to get away with the least amount possible for your payout. The less they give you, the more they keep in profits.

Kuzyk Law won’t let that happen. Since YOU were not at fault, why should YOU pay for the ongoing medical bills during your recovery?

We’ll Get You a Higher Payout

With potential for broken bones, contusions, brain injury or even death, slips and falls are nothing to be taken lightly. If you accept the insurance company’s meager payout, you’re limiting yourself in your ability to pay those astronomically high medical bills, both now and in the future.

In addition to the therapy and hospital bills, you also have to think about lost wages as you take time off work to recover. You shouldn’t have to go into debt trying to pay medical bills arising from an accident that was NOT your fault!

Lean on our personal injury attorneys to fight for a higher amount that is more in line with your injuries and will provide your family with peace of mind.
Kuzyk Law Help Slips Fall Victims

How to Get Insurance Companies to Pay

The solution is simple: call Kuzyk Law.

We offer a free consultation to start the process and evaluate your case. Our experienced personal injury lawyers deal with these types of cases every day.

It’s imperative to get medical attention and document your injuries. Listen to what your doctor says about recovering and take all appropriate medications, go to therapy, etc. As you recover, we ask that you save all documents, photos and prescription bottles that relate to your case.

As you recover, we will work hard to get you the money you deserve. And remember, you don’t pay anything until we get you your settlement!

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