Have you been in a bike accident? Have you contacted an accident attorney yet?

Bicycle accidents occur on congested roadways, busy city streets and sweeping rural roadsides. They pose a higher risk of injury because the rider is so unprotected from his surrounding environment. A simple helmet is not enough to keep serious injury or even death at bay.
Bike Accidents Need Kuzyk Law
Because insurance companies tend to underpay in situations like these, you require a professional on your side who won’t let that meager payout happen. You deserve more.

Call Kuzyk Law and let us help get it for you. We have over 45 years of experience working on behalf of bike accident victims and dealing with insurance companies. We work all throughout Southern California, helping people get the restitution they deserve in order to make a full recovery.

Damages Extend Beyond the Bike

Your bike can be easily replaced; your health cannot. Don’t settle for meager payouts that won’t cover ongoing therapy for injuries sustained when hit on your bike. From brain injuries to broken bones to death of a loved one, there are many associated expenses with such an accident that no one wants to think about.

The insurance company’s bottom line depends on minimal payouts. The smaller the sum they pay, the more profit they make.

You, meanwhile, are left with months or years of medical and therapy bills you may not be able to pay for. After all, the nature of bike injuries is such that you may be out of work for a long time while you heal. Rely on the experts at Kuzyk Law to cut through the red tape of the insurance and court system bureaucracy and get you what you deserve.

Let Kuzyk Law get you a substantial payout that will allow you to adequately face the hardships ahead due to your injuries, high levels of pain through recovery, and rising hospital and therapy costs.

We see these types of cases every single day. We know what the insurance companies think they can get away with, and it’s really bad for victims like you. Don’t be left responsible for medical bills – you weren’t the one at fault!

Get an Attorney, Fast

Making a phone call to Kuzyk Law is all it takes to start the process. We ask that you call us as soon as possible after the accident, and definitely before speaking with anyone or any insurance company. In our free case evaluation, we can determine if you indeed have a case, and then set about gathering evidence as part of that case.
Kuzyk Law Help Bike Accident Victims
Meanwhile, listen to your doctor’s orders for recovery and save anything that relates to your case, from prescription photos to bottles to important documents. We will take care of the rest.

Get a Bicycle Accident Attorney, Fast!

Immediately after your bicycle accident, the clock starts ticking. Waiting too long to call Kuzyk Law could hurt your chances of a successful case or settlement. We understand how traumatizing such an event can be, during which time you and your family members just may be focused on recovery. No one wants to think about compensation at a time like this, but somebody’s got to pay. Let us help.

Without securing legal guidance, it’s probable that you could mistakenly do something that could make your case harder to bring to justice. Call Kuzyk Law as soon as possible after the bicycle accident to schedule your free, no-obligation case evaluation at 661-945-6969.