Immediately following an accident, you should always receive any immediately needed medical attention before anything else. Making certain that you receive the proper medical care needed to recover quickly and properly should be your first priority.

This is because you need detailed records of any type of medical treatment that you undergo because they can act as evidence to help maximize your financial compensation. You’ll also need a doctor to document your injuries clearly and succinctly, with photographic documentation if necessary.

After that, it can be a confusing and stressful time. Where should you go? To whom should you turn for advice? Who can you trust?

Kuzyk Law is the answer.

Secure Legal Counsel Quickly

After getting any emergency medical treatment you need, your next step is to call Kuzyk Law. Our personal injury attorneys will advise you on the next steps in terms of your case. We can help you find doctors that will continue your treatment on a lien basis, so you do not need to pay until the case settles. This can avoid a lot of stress.
Seek Legal Counsel FAQ
Speak to no one else about your case. Without shrewd legal counsel, you could become a victim a second time – to the insurance companies. Their payouts leave a lot to be desired, and we want to secure the max compensation you deserve so you can recover in peace.

You also want immediate legal counsel in order to ensure you meet all claims filing deadlines. Personal injury claims in the state of California have a statute of limitations, which means there is a time limit on the claims you can make after a car accident.

Though we always recommend that our clients receive any needed emergency medical treatment first, we also stress the importance of getting in contact with an attorney who can help expedite the claims-filing process.

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By calling us sooner rather than later, we can make certain that you do not miss the deadline and risk your chance of receiving compensation. Call us now at 661-945-6969 for a free case evaluation. We will start fighting for you right away!

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