From medical malpractice to defective products, wrongful death cases involve horrible accidents that were caused by someone else’s negligence.

The loss of a loved one tragically and unexpectedly is devastating to all members of a family. This can leave gaping holes in families, particularly when the victim was the breadwinner.

That loss is compounded when the death could have been avoided.

Beyond Wrongful Death: The Family Left Behind

Kuzyk Law Helps With Wrongful Death
Experiencing the pain of losing someone so dear to you extends beyond the initial death. You are now left to support yourself and your family for years to come, without your loved one.

When the victim was the sole supporter of the family, this loss can add a financial fallout to the mix, compounding the devastating effect of the initial death.

If someone else is responsible for this, then you shouldn’t have to suffer and pay for their negligence.

You need the security of knowing you will be taken care of financially in the coming years, but the insurance companies don’t want to give you that security. Their standard model is to give the lowest payout possible, but here at Kuzyk Law, we change that. We can get you what you deserve.

The Paltry Payouts of the Insurance Companies: Not Nearly Enough

Adding insult to injury is the insurance company that’s ready to give you a meager amount as compensation – not nearly enough for the ongoing medical bills, funeral bills and lost wages you will experience not just now but in the future as well.

Settling for the bare minimum from insurance companies who are only looking to their bottom line is a mistake. Why should you be saddled with a lifetime of debt because someone else’s negligent actions caused the death of your loved one?

You need Kuzyk Law on your side. We’ve been helping people just like you get the money they deserve for more than 45 years.

Obtaining a Fair and Adequate Amount

Of course money is usually the last thing on a family’s mind when they lose a loved one so suddenly and tragically. However, this is precisely why you need a competent lawyer working for you to accurately, efficiently and shrewdly cut through the red tape of the insurance company bureaucracy that we so often encounter. We can mine the depths of the law to determine definitively who’s responsible. We can deftly navigate the murky waters of financial payment after wrongful death so you can have peace of mind for the future despite your emotional loss.
Wrongful Death Attorney At Kuzyk Law
It’s our job to get you more than the insurance companies are willing to give. Leave it to the personal injury lawyers at Kuzyk Law to handle this scary time for you. We don’t settle for what the insurance companies want to appease you with. We know you need more and we work hard to get it for you.

Call Kuzyk Law Right Away

Waiting too long after the wrongful death of a loved one can hurt your chances for a successful settlement. In order for us to get the compensation you deserve, you must call us immediately: the longer you wait to secure competent legal help, the longer the process will take, and the lower the chances of a full financial recovery.

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