Asking the right questions: this is key to hiring any professional who will be helping you with anything important, especially a personal injury lawyer! Hiring someone blindly is never wise, as it could end up costing you dearly later. When you are in need of a personal injury attorney, be sure to ask these five essential questions.

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1.      What is your representation strategy?

It’s important to understand the types of cases in which your attorney has been involved. Some attorneys work with the victims of accidents while others represent those seeking defense from prosecution. Learn the attorney’s focus and see how it fits with your case. Ask if they are aggressive in their strategy or if they take a more laid-back approach. Any attorney you choose should have your best interests at heart. Ask how you can keep in contact with them and how often you should be hearing from their office.
How to Select a Personal Injury Attorney: 5 Key Questions to Ask

2.      What is your involvement in the community?

Good attorneys will not only help their clients, but also have solid roots in the community. Check to see if your attorney dedicates time and resources to serving the community in which the law firm is located. Be on the lookout for those who participate in local charities or those who contribute to public safety and education.

Kuzyk Law, for instance, has received many awards and certificates of appreciation from charitable causes. We frequently work with local schools, baseball teams, Quartz Hill Little League, Palmdale Youth Soccer League, school football teams, Grace Resource Center, Leona Valley Gymkhana, Quartz Hill High School Basketball, Quartz Hills Soccer team, Antelope Valley Hospital and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office.

3.      What is your fee structure?

Some attorneys require some form of payment up from, while others don’t ask for a dime until you win or settle, such as Kuzyk Law. But even in this case, you should still be aware of how you will be billed after the fact. What percentage does the lawyer take? What does the lawyer typically charge for a case like yours? Make sure you understand the difference between a legal settlement, the attorney fee for representation, and what you receive when all is said and done.

4.      What are your qualifications?

Always look at experience, references from past clients, track record and qualifications in the field of personal injury law. Personal injury lawyers with many years of experience under their belts have demonstrated a proven ability to earn respect in the local community. Look at their track record for settlements and verdicts won in courtroom victories.

5.      How far are you willing to go?

Personal injury lawyers with the knowledge and natural talent to handle your case are in the best position for success. Insurance companies know which lawyers won’t just take the easy settlement every time and which ones will take the case as far as it will go. A good lawyer will be prepared to go all the way to trial and beyond to get the right payout for his client.

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