The right lawyer has the power to change your life, protect your family, and steadfastly advocate for your rights. After suffering a spinal cord injury, you should act quickly. That’s because California has a statute of limitations of two years. Hiring a personal injury lawyer and filing your claim will get the ball rolling so you can start recovering in peace while your chosen professional works hard for justice.

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But how do you get there? How do you choose amongst the sea of personal injury lawyers in the Los Angeles area? Do your homework, consider these factors and then settle on the ideal spinal cord injury attorney in Lancaster.


An attorney with years of legal experience and an impressive degree on the wall isn’t necessarily equipped to deal with your case. In fact, many lawyers are ill-equipped to handle the complexities of a spinal cord injury case. This area of the law is highly specialized, involving many complicated components, steps, and legal and medical roadblocks. Only an attorney with hundreds of such cases under his belt will be able to adequately litigate a spinal cord case.

Look for depth of experience, not necessarily years. An attorney with 30 years of general-purpose civil litigation won’t help you like an attorney with only five years’ experience concentrating on spinal cord injuries will. Don’t be afraid to ask about specific cases, clients and outcomes.

Medical Knowledge

Spinal cord injury lawyers must often wear two hats: a legal one and a medical one. It’s their job to work alongside doctors, neurologists and occupational therapists to truly get an understanding of how such an injury can manifest in a victim. Spinal cord injury litigation is complex, to be sure, and your attorney is certainly no doctor. However, he should at least have adequate knowledge to make intelligent decisions in your case.
Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Spinal Injury Attorney
Your spinal cord injury lawyer in Lancaster will know which experts to contact, which hospitals and rehab centers regularly work with spinal cord injury patients, and which steps to take to carefully litigate your case. A good lawyer will have strong connections to the spinal cord injury (SCI) community. In addition to injuries, there may be other reasons you are filing a case, such as when face disability discrimination or when needing to file a Social Security disability claim. It becomes necessary to have a strong support system for referrals.

Continuing Education

Lawyers who earned their degrees decades ago have certainly paid their dues, built up a reputation in the community, and finely honed their craft. However, it’s easy to get complacent. Because the world of spinal cord injuries is constantly changing, the legal precedents today can prove the legal strategies of yesterday virtually obsolete.

Skilled litigators will stay apprised of changes in the law through membership in local bar associations, attending seminars, reading relevant cases, and taking workshops and classes. The ability to continually evolve in our chosen craft is important. Ask any lawyers you consider what they do to stay at the cutting edge of their industry.

Quality of Work

Experience, years in business, and educational degrees are all important. However, results are even more so. Ask your attorneys about their five most recent cases: outcomes, trial vs. settlement, etc. Every lawyer loses cases – even the best ones. But the important thing is to focus on why they lost and what they learned from it.

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