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Commercial trucks can incur huge amounts of damage in the blink of an eye, making the potential risk for serious injury and loss of life very high. Seeking medical attention is the #1 action you should take when involved in a commercial truck accident, despite how minor you may think the injury is.

Unfortunately, not many accidents involving big rigs and 18 wheelers are minor, as they involve high rates of speed with up to 40 tons of crushing metal.

After seeking medical attention, your next phone call should be to your truck accident lawyers in Los Angeles: Kuzyk Law. Don’t wait—every delay makes it tougher to get the full compensation you deserve from the responsible party.

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Commerical Truck Accidents Los Angeles
The Los Angeles metro area, home to more than 13 million people, is the second largest in the country behind New York City. LA is comprised of many congested freeways and long interconnecting roadways such as Sepulveda Boulevard, which stretches 43 miles and Foothill Boulevard, which stretches 60 miles. Considering the size and speed of commercial trucks taking up the roadways, you and your family are placed in harm’s way every single day.

Kuzyk Law knows how dangerous commercial trucks and motor vehicles, dwarfed in comparison, can really be – particularly when you factor in poor weather, blind spots, and distracted driving.

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As a firm specializing in personal injury, we see commercial truck accident all too frequently. They tend to involve multiple parties and big injuries, which is why you need someone like us to speak up for you when you are powerless.

If this type of accident has caused devastation to your family, our attorneys can act as your voice against powerful insurance companies whose profits depend on paying you the minimum payout for your injuries. That’s just the way they operate. But if a loved one has sustained life-threatening injuries or even death due to a run-in with a big rig, how can you possibly pay off all the ongoing medical bills? Those payouts won’t come close.

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Let us assist you in getting follow-up medical care and full treatment; in most cases, we can get the doctors to provide their services on a lien basis with no up front, out of pocket medical costs. Just like us, the doctors get paid when the case settles. We can work with your regular doctors or recommend reputable and experienced doctors if you don’t have your own.

That’s where we come in. We can get your case the attention and monetary reward it deserves. You can get peace of mind knowing we have collected more than $1 billion in settlements and verdicts since we established our firm in 1971. Our personal injury lawyers can settle or go to court to fight on your behalf to get the compensation you are entitled to. Most cases are settled amicably through a faster, more informal process via negotiation and/or mediation.

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There are many potentially devastating scenarios that can occur with a commercial truck on the roadways. These include:

  • Roll-overs: When the driver has to brake too hard or too fast, or attempts to make too tight of a turn, a roll-over can occur, plowing down everything in its path. Big rigs can weigh 30 to 40 tons or more, with the ability to crush people and cars to result in life-altering emotional or physical trauma.
  • Overloading: This is what happens when trucks are loaded too heavily with freight. They reach a tipping point when forced to stop sooner than they have to, as usually trucks like this require long stopping times. Deadly rear-end collisions can result, often involving multiple cars.
  • Improper loading: With uneven weight distribution of freight, instability can occur and lead to roll-over or rear-end collision. The company that loaded or weighed the freight improperly can be held accountable for any injuries you may have received in the accident.

Perhaps the most common cause of commercial truck accidents is driver fatigue. Because the competition is so stiff between trucking and shipping companies to get items to their destinations, the pressure truckers are under to log more miles per day is immense.
Los Angeles Truck Driver Accidents
This doesn’t excuse their behavior in any way, though. You have faced devastating injuries due to the carelessness of another individual. In addition to drivers, other parties can be held responsible, such as the owner of the shipping company.

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Don’t rely on the insurance companies to get you the payout you deserve. The standard insurance model is to give as little as possible, usually only enough to cover your immediate health care needs and damage to your car.

However, those bills won’t stop coming, especially if you are in therapy or have ongoing medical issues that need attention. And what if you lost your spouse in a commercial truck accident? What if they were the family breadwinner? How will you support your family? Look to Kuzyk Law for help.

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Here at Kuzyk Law, we are familiar with all 80 districts and neighborhoods that comprise lovely LA, because we live and work here, from downtown to the San Fernando Valley. With 13 million people, it’s easy for one person to fall between the cracks. That won’t happen with Kuzyk Law. You’ll have our dedicated Los Angeles truck accident lawyers by your side not just in LA but in Bakersfield, San Bernardino, Victorville, Apple Valley, and Riverside County as well.

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