There are certain circumstances that present themselves in which you should call a personal injury attorney. After an injury, such as a motorcycle wreck, bike accident, or slip and fall, you may question the need for such help. However, chances are great that you need the backing of an experienced lawyer to help you cut through the noise and get what you really need: the assurances of a financial award that will cover your bills so you can recover properly.

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That being said, there are multiple variables that will determine the need for a lawyer’s assistance. These will range from the extent of your injury to who was at fault to how low the insurance company’s initial offer is.
5 Signs You Need a Personal Injury Attorney
There are many benefits of hiring a personal injury attorney. Here are five signs you need one.

1. When the injury is serious

The more serious your injuries are, the bigger challenges they will impose on your life – not just now but for years to come. It can be challenging to understand the extent of your injuries at first which is why you need an attorney who can consult with medical experts who in turn can offer their opinion. This will play greatly into the financial compensation you ultimately yet. Without this backing, you could lose out on precious money that will help you and your family get through this tough time.

2. When you can’t afford the doctors’ bills upfront

Your personal injury attorney can connect you with a doctor who won’t charge you anything upfront if you can’t afford it. A skilled personal injury attorney can establish the full extent of your pain and suffering, while at the same time quantifying your damages, and fighting to obtain the full and fair compensation you require on an ongoing basis.

3. When you have more than minor injuries

In accidents with no or minor injuries, such as a rear-end accident that occurred at low speeds, you could just file a claim with the insurance company on your own and get reimbursement for the car damage. You don’t really need a personal injury attorney under these circumstances. However, if your injury puts you in the hospital or necessitates surgery, physical therapy, orthopedic care, chiropractic work or cosmetic surgery, it’s a good idea to have your case evaluated by a personal injury lawyer.

4. When liability is questioned

While it may seem obvious to you that the other party was at fault, the defense will do anything they can to discredit you, attempting to reduce or deny liability. For example, they may claim you are responsible for partial fault of your car accident injuries because you failed to wear a seat belt. When you hire a personal injury lawyer, they can ensure liability is assigned fairly and properly.

5. When you don’t get a fair settlement offer

Most personal injury claims settle before they get to court. As the victim, you likely have been sent a settlement offer from the insurance company. You may be insulted by this initial offer, as you should be. Or, you may not even know if it is fair or not, which is often the case. Sometimes seeing any amount on the check prompts victims to unwisely accept whatever they are offered. But an experienced personal injury attorney will know if that amount is in line with the severity of your injuries. He or she will examine the settlement, compare it against your injuries, and advise you on whether to take it or not. Sometimes it can take many months of back and forth correspondence with the insurance companies until your attorney feels you have been justly compensated.

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