Due to their debilitating nature, brain injuries can follow victims throughout their lives. So much yet so little is known about the brain. Doctors and scientists are still trying to map its many intricacies. One impact, one fall, one blow can lead to concussions, chronic migraines, memory problems, mobility issues, paralysis or death. It’s not always known what the long-term impact will be.

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Injuries that started out fairly mild can progress in the coming months. With those uncertainties for the future comes an uncertainty about meeting financial obligations punctuated by extensive medical bills. Following an accident resulting in a TBI, one of the most important decisions you or a loved will have to make is selecting the right Lancaster brain injury attorney.
It’s critical to find the best advocate for your case. We offer a few considerations to make before hiring an attorney.

Identify What Kind of Case You Have

Not all TBI cases are created equal. Some are seemingly minor at first, perhaps a bad bump on the head and suspected concussion that worsens with time. Others are extremely serious right out of the gate, such as those incurred during a crash with a semi-truck or as the result of a violent assault. Targeting your search to the right personal injury attorney who has experience with your type of case is vital in securing a successful outcome. Your Lancaster brain injury attorney likely has a strong network of medical experts he or she works with to fully research your case.
Don't Ignore A Brain Injury

Research Your Injury Type and Symptoms

Your attorney will also be able to distinguish, with the help of a doctor, which kind of injury you have based on the symptoms. TBIs range in severity from mild to moderate to severe. It will all depend on how you received the TBI as well as the symptoms you’re experiencing. Not all symptoms are immediately apparent or obvious, such as in the case of dizziness, chronic headache or minor mobility impairment. Your Lancaster brain injury attorney will consult with your medical team to determine the severity of your injury and estimated medical needs.

Targeted Expertise

It’s critical to find a lawyer who has the resources to fully optimize the value of your TBI case. A good lawyer will make appropriate referrals to medical specialists such as radiologists and neurologists, who will provide an estimate of the medical costs involved. You also want to zero in on attorneys who have extensive experience with not just brain injuries but the accidents that cause them, such as car, pedestrian and motorcycle accidents.

Aggressive Approach

TBIs are nothing to take lightly. Your attorney should be able to cut through the red tape of the insurance companies and their adjusters to demand an amount that will give you and your family the highest quality of life possible.
Damages may include:

  • Medical and hospital bills
  • Rehabilitation
  • Future medical needs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Emotional distress

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