Have You Suffered a Head Injury In Lancaster?

This is no minor matter. Due to the sensitivity of brain injuries, it’s imperative to seek medical attention right away first and foremost. This type of catastrophic injury often results in life-long impairment or death, especially if it is not treated immediately.

Whether as the result of a car accident, act of violence such as assault, or a slip and fall, you need someone on your side to get you the restitution you deserve.

Don’t count on insurance companies to help cover the cost. They won’t. The typical insurance model they follow is to offer as little as possible for payouts, which is only enough to just barely cover your immediate medical bills. However, when it comes to brain injuries, the doctor appointments and procedures can go on for many years, not to mention the costly nature of brain surgery, therapy and medication.

Turn to Kuzyk Law, your Lancaster brain injury attorneys, for help when it seems you’re all on your own. We’ll fight to get you the maximum compensation for full damages, physical therapy, medical and surgical bills, ongoing pain and suffering, and lost wages.

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Brain Injuries: A Serious Matter

TBI is a major cause of death and disability in the United States, accounting for 30% of all injury deaths, according to the CDC. Such injuries can be caused by anything from sports and workplace accidents to falls and violent acts.

In a large city like Lancaster, home to 168,000 people, the potential for brain injury is high. There are countless outdoor recreational activities to take part in and around this city. Violent acts and auto accidents are on the rise as the population grows, revealing even more of a potential for injury.

If you or a loved one falls victim to a brain injury, seek medical attention right away. Even if you think that bump you sustained is no big deal and that you feel just fine, you could be gambling with your life. People who claim to feel fine immediately after head trauma have been known to die just hours later due to brain hemorrhage.

Getting you full compensation from the party responsible is our mission. After seeking medical attention for you injury, your next call should be to Kuzyk Law. We will help target the party or parties responsible for your head injury and get you the monetary reward you deserve.

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Your Lancaster Brain Injury Attorneys

Our Lancaster injury attorneys always go the extra mile to ensure you get everything you deserve, cutting past all the red tape of the insurance industry. Lean on our personalized legal services to help maximize your recovery.

Brain injuries are caused by a multitude of factors, including (but not limited to):

  • Sports injuries (such as collision with other players, heading the ball in soccer, etc.)
  • Falling down a flight of stairs
  • Getting in a car accident
  • A workplace accident
  • A violent attack (mugging, assault)

The list goes on. No matter how they happen, though, these brain injuries can be devastating for everyone involved, often leading to life-long impairment or even death.

Let Us Ease Your Financial Burden

If this has happened to your family, we want to ease that burden for you by going after the money you need to recover. Especially if the victim is the breadwinner of your family, you’ll need compensation to cover ongoing medical bills, physical therapy, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

If you have been the victim of a brain injury, whether through surgery gone wrong or a slip and fall, you need a Lancaster brain injury attorney who knows how to deal with insurance company bureaucracy and the local court system.

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Symptoms of traumatic brain injury range from mild to severe. According to NCBI, symptoms of mild TBI include headache, confusion, lightheaded, dizziness, blurred vision or tired eyes, ringing in the ears, bad taste in the mouth, fatigue, a change in sleep patterns, behavioral or mood changes, and trouble with memory and concentration. A person with a moderate or severe TBI may also display these symptoms, but with accompanying symptoms such as:

  • Worsening headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Convulsions or seizures
  • Trouble waking up from sleep
  • Dilation of the pupils
  • Slurred speech
  • Weakness in the extremities
  • Increased confusion

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