Car accidents and other accidents can be catastrophic, in terms of both physical injury and financial damage. Financial losses can come from medical bills (immediate and overtime), lost wages from being unable to work, inadequate compensation for vehicle repairs, or other unfair circumstances. The effects these accidents have can be long-lasting, and can bankrupt a family.

Losses From Catastrophic Injuries

Beyond the immediate and obvious financial losses, injuries from car accidents can cause a significant loss of the quality of your life, depending on the severity of your injuries and your ability to carry on as before the accident.

Severely Injured in an Auto Accident?
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Compensation After the Crash

When catastrophic injuries occur, your first priority is to take care of yourself and your family. But taking care of yourself and your family also means financial security, and getting responsible parties to pay what they owe is difficult.

You should never rely on auto insurance companies to pay out what they owe—their business model dictates they try to get away with the lowest possible payment.

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