Of course it’s far preferable to avoid car accidents in the first place. However, when the worst happens and you suffer a grave injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident that was not your fault, you want to make sure you or your loved one will be taken care of financially. Thus, getting the most out of your settlement should be top priority. You will certainly need it to pay for your car repair or replacement bills, ongoing medical bills, time off work, physical therapy and more. But getting an adequate amount to compensate you for your injuries can be tricky. How can you make sure you get what you deserve in your auto accident settlement? Heed these tips:

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Keep Accurate Records

First, make sure a record of the auto accident is on file with the police. Give a clear, accurate statement that outlines the events step by step. Keep a record of all witness statements, police reports, medical records, prescription receipts, photos of your injury, and car repair bills. YOU are your biggest advocate. No one will be as detailed as you will be – only YOU know what really happened. Make sure it’s documented. These records will all come in handy during negotiations, thereby speeding up the settlement process. In the same vein, keep a daily journal that records the pain and suffering you have been going through, and exactly how many days or months you have been suffering. The more detail, the better!
Tips To Maximize Auto Accident Settlement

Take Photos of Everything

From the car that hit you to the accident scene itself, take lots of photos. You will need strong pieces of evidence later on to bolster your statement. In the unlikely event that your case goes to trial, juries love to see photos, taking them as powerful proof of your ordeal. This includes taking photos of your injuries.

Do NOT Hand Over Medical Records

If the other party’s insurance company asks for copies of your medical records, the answer is an emphatic NO. This is actually a common mistake of many auto accident victims, but don’t ever sign a release for the other party’s insurance company. Essentially, this gives your opponent access to your medical records, which will work against you in your claim.

Don’t be Pressured into Settling Your Case

Insurance adjusters have no qualms about using all manner of ruses to get you to settle for a smaller amount than what’s fair. Adjusters may get you to admit that the accident was your fault, or at least convince you to take some of the blame. They may even be polite and friendly, engaging you with fake assurances that they are really on your side. Don’t fall for it. Their job is not to make friends with you. Their job is to keep their employer from doling out any more money than they absolutely have to. Don’t give them the opportunity. They want you to settle quickly, ideally before you contact an attorney, so don’t buckle under their pressure. Instead, hold out for a fair settlement. Your personal injury lawyer at Kuzyk Law will tell you whether the offer is reasonable or not.
Tips To Maximize Auto Accident Settlement Doctor

Remain Under Your Doctor’s Care Until Given the All Clear

Often, people stop going to the doctor once they start to feel better. Resist this urge. As a medical professional who has seen personal injuries arising from car accidents many times, your doctor knows the many complications that can result from your specific type of injury – even if those symptoms don’t show up right away. Wait until your doctor releases you before you stop attending visits.

Hire an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer to Evaluate Your Case

Choosing the right personal injury lawyers will have a positive impact on your auto accident settlement. They can use their expert knowledge of the law to look at the police report, doctors’ statements, medical bills, photos and time off work. On top of all that, the insurance companies keep an eye on area lawyers. They know exactly which lawyers are tenacious and will fight till the end to get proper compensation for their clients. They know Kuzyk Law and they know we don’t back down.

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