As if getting injured in a car accident weren’t enough…now, you have to fight for your right to a fair settlement so you can afford all the bills that are surely coming your way. Unfortunately, no one is going to hand you a guidebook on how to maximize your car accident injury settlement. You have to take your own future into your hands and take action NOW.

The first order of business is to consult with a personal injury lawyer who has your best interests at heart. Kuzyk Law is the only one, besides your closest friends and family, who will have your back throughout this whole ordeal. Pursuing a car accident injury lawsuit may seem like a daunting process – one that seems scary real and even unnecessary as you’re going through the aftermath. But trust us, it’s better to start the process now than deal with the consequences later.

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We can let you in on some secrets of the industry so you know exactly how to increase your chances of winning or at least obtaining a healthy settlement in your claim. Here are eight secrets that no one will tell you about, least of all the insurance adjusters.

  1. File your lawsuit immediately. As soon as you can after the accident, it’s time to get the ball rolling with a call to your lawyer. Getting your lawyer on board quickly will put pressure on the insurance companies, who are normally in no hurry to settle cases unless they know they can settle the suit for much less than it is worth or unless they feel mounting pressure due to an approaching court date. The insurance company will likely get serious about settling if they know you’ve hired lawyers to defend you.
  2. Have a qualified trial lawyer evaluate your case. Just like you had your doctor look at your injuries, so too should you have a lawyer evaluate the potential of your case. Consultations are free, so you have nothing to lose. The insurance company hopes you settle fast and they’ll do all they can to make that happen before you have a chance to consult with an attorney. By having an experienced personal injury trial attorney review your file, you are becoming an informed citizen who knows his or her rights. Your lawyer will look over the police report, doctors’ records, medical bills, time off work and witness statements to provide you with an expert opinion about the possible case value.
    8 Secrets To Maximizing Car Accident Injury Settlement
  3. Don’t stop attending your doctor visits until the doctor releases you from care. Often times, car accident victims stop seeing their doctor prematurely because they start feeling a little better. However, your doctor is the only one who knows the complications that could arise as a result of your injury, and only your doctor should determine when you should stop seeing your doctor. If you’re worried about cost, don’t: those costs will be absorbed by the other party’s insurance company if you settle the case.
  4. Know your insurance coverage options: In many instances, an injured victim can collect from two to three different insurance policies at the same time, legally. Thing is, not everyone knows that, and no one will tell you, so you have to be savvy in looking for various insurance coverages. Your qualified personal injury attorney can determine if you can collect from more than one policy, and the attorney will go after every policy available in order to maximize your financial settlement.
  5. Know your injuries: You may assume that if it doesn’t hurt, it’s not injured. Not always the case. Sometimes, injuries caused by accidents may not manifest themselves for days or weeks. Many people are too quick to rule out injuries simply because they haven’t yet appeared. Accidents can also bring on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) much later. Don’t underestimate your physical or emotional injuries. Let a doctor examine you and give you sound advice.
  6. Not all lawyers are created equal: You may assume that just because you hire a personal injury lawyer with experience in your type of case that you’re getting the most skilled and aggressive service possible. Truth is, many attorneys take the safe road and always push for settlements to avoid going to court. That’s because many such lawyers haven’t even seen the inside of a courtroom and don’t know how to handle the intricacies of a trial. While it’s usually best to settle if you can, it’s not always the only – or best – recourse. You want to choose a car accident attorney that isn’t afraid to head to court if pushed to the wall.
  7. Only YOU can ensure a thorough investigation of your case: Many accident victims assume the police and their insurance company will investigate the accident itself, interview witnesses and generally guide their case to fruition with their best interests in mind. Unfortunately, law enforcement is focused on solving a crime, if any, and insurance companies – even your own – are only concerned with how much they’ll have to pay out in the end. It falls on you to do a majority of your own work. YOU have to be your own advocate! That’s why you want an excellent personal injury attorney because the attorney will do all of that work for you!
  8. Collect the facts: That means you should collect witness statements, police reports and medical reports to bolster your case. It may even be a good idea to hire a private investigator or accident reconstruction expert in complex cases. They’ll gather physical evidence that may exonerate you or prove your case. The truth is, you’ll be put at a disadvantage if you don’t lead your own investigation to support your claim. Again, your professional personal injury attorney can do all of this for you.
    Collect Facts to Maximize Car Accident Injury Settlement

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