Resolving a personal injury claim can certainly be a long, arduous process. Not only are you recovering from your injuries, you also must consider the legal aspects of filing an auto accident claim, from meeting deadlines and filing paperwork to calculating damages and negotiating with the insurance company.

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Good news is, you don’t have to face it all alone. You can rely on the expertise of an auto accident attorney in San Diego who can handle all the legal hurdles so you can concentrate on getting better. Keep in mind, though, that not all attorneys offer the same level of quality representation.

Locating the right lawyer to handle your case can pose a challenge, especially when living in a large city like San Diego. Here are a few of the most important qualities you should be on the lookout for when choosing San Diego auto accident lawyers.

Auto Accident Attorney in San Diego

Limited Practice Areas

An attorney with a limited range of practice areas typically has more experience resolving cases similar to yours. They’ll have a more thorough understanding of relevant statutes and precedents that could impact your case, as the firm focuses mainly on auto accident cases, for example.

Successful Verdicts

Be on the lookout for a legal team that has a proven track record of success. Here at Kuzyk Law, we bring to trial or settle hundreds of cases ranging from small ones settling for minimum liability limits to multi-million dollar settlements in auto accident cases. In cases with significant injuries and high medical bills, we can obtain six- and seven-figure settlements.

Trial Experience

Most injury cases are settled before they ever get to trial, but you should still look for an auto accident attorney in San Diego who has trial experience just in case your claim does end up in court.


Take note if the attorney answers your calls after office hours and on weekends. Ask if you can have access to the attorney’s personal cell phone number. Can you contact them whenever you have a question or concern? This accessibility will greatly reduce the stress, anxiety and uncertainty felt by you and your family.

Sufficient Resources

The best auto accident law firms provide the care and attention of a small practice but offer the vast resources of a large one. Ultimately, you want a lawyer with access to expert witnesses, medical professionals and other resources that may help build a strong case.

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