Here’s what you should do if you’ve been injured in an auto accident

Seek Medical Attention immediately After Your Car Accident

Seek Medical Attention FAQ
First things first: get medical help immediately from your doctor’s office or local emergency room. Getting your injuries documented and treated right away is of paramount importance.

Gather Information

If you are not gravely injured, gather as much information about the accident as you can. This can include:

  • Name and contact numbers of witnesses who may have seen what happened.
  • Name, contact information and insurance information of the other drivers, pedestrians or other parties involved in the accident.
  • Take photos of the scene, including the damage to your car.
  • Write down any details you can think of right away so you don’t forget them later.

Contact The Car Accident Lawyers At Kuzyk Law

Next, contact the experienced personal injury law team at Kuzyk Law immediately after the accident, but only after getting medical attention. We will be able to give you helpful advice during our initial consultation that you can use going forward.

Get Your Statement on Record with the Police

Talking to the police will ensure your version of events is on record while it is fresh in your mind. While you want to procure all facts as you remember them, DO NOT admit guilt or fault, or give your opinion in any way. Instead, provide factual and truthful answers about the accident without embellishing on extraneous details.

Take More Photos of Your Vehicle Before Repairs

Take Photos After Auto Accident FAQ
Now that you have a clear head, it’s time to take more detailed photos of the damage to your vehicle. Take them in the daylight with your smart phone and take plenty of photos at all angles.

Don’t just photograph the impact point; also take pictures of where panels line up (or used to, depending on the severity of the collision). Get complete 360 documentation of the car. If the impact was on the front end, take pictures underneath the hood as well.

Take Photos of the Scene of the Accident

If you feel you can safely do so, return to where the accident occurred and take detailed photos. Take a look around to see if there is any possible source of video that may have recorded the accident, such as from a nearby ATM, convenience store or even residential home with security cameras. Jot down the source and address.

Take Photos of Your Person

Have a friend snap photos of any injuries that may have occurred to your person, such as scrapes, bruises, cuts and more. In the same vein, be sure to keep all medication bottles, casts, and braces that you received from your doctor. Save all photos and items for our team upon request.

Keep Detailed Receipts

Save all receipts you have received as part of expenses resulting from the accident. They should be clearly dated and contain all necessary information from the vendor, as well as dates.

Keep Us Apprised

Tell Us Everything FAQ
Don’t hold back any information from our team – even if you think an injury isn’t related to your case, we want to hear about it. It’s not your job to determine whether your pain was caused by the accident or not – that’s for your doctor to determine. Keep us apprised of any and all information that pertains to your case, including medical treatment, hospitalizations and more.

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