Motorcycle accidents, the #1 fear for riders, are something no one wants to think about. However, if you are the unfortunate victim of a motorcycle accident, you’ll need trusted motorcycle accident lawyers to defend you and get you the compensation you deserve. Sadly, motorcycle accidents tend to be catastrophic due to the nature of the open vehicle, often leading to astronomical medical bills, emotional and physical distress, and time off work. Add to that a confusing and complex legal system and you’ve got a recipe for disaster that can last for many years.

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As a motorcyclist, you are extremely vulnerable on the highways and byways – even if you are following all of the rules of the road and are donning the best safety gear possible. The truth is, you’re at the mercy of the other drivers. And even in the event of an unfortunate accident, you’ll still not taken seriously by the insurance companies because despite your injuries, they will still try to pay out the least amount of money possible. This leaves you to foot the medical bills as well as damages to your bike. To whom can you turn?
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Know Your Rights

Not all attorneys are created equal and not every motorcycle crash is cut and dried. Many times, motorcyclists are blamed for the accident even if they weren’t at fault, which can affect the outcome of a settlement in a major way. However, knowing enough to retain the services of a qualified motorcycle accident attorney in Bakersfield can make or break the outcome. Such professionals can help you navigate such a complex legal system and get you the highest compensation possible.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the insurance company’s payout is adequate. Most times, they’re just trying to get you off their backs by offering the lowest amount they can. When they know you’ve contacted an attorney who specializes in motorcycle accidents, they know they can’t push you around.

Choose the Right Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in California

You can’t choose just any old lawyer to handle your case. You need someone who is a personal injury lawyer and who specializes in motorcycle accident cases specifically. Bottom line is, the legal system is broad and complicated, but the best attorneys specialize in one field and have become the best in their class at fighting for the rights of their clients.

Don’t settle for a jack of all trades who also handles divorces, bankruptcies and child custody law. The attorney you choose should have a solid track record of success with working with motorcycle accidents.

Examine the Average Compensation Award

Ask your motorcycle accident attorney in Antelope Valley what their recent motorcycle accident compensation has been. This gives you a pretty good assessment of the quality and negotiation skills they have based on recent settlements. Keep in mind that good Bakersfield motorcycle accident lawyers have connections with insurance companies, often able to get you higher compensation for your injuries.

Research Reviews

The attorney you choose should have exceptional reviews and testimonials. Go online to determine the ratings of the attorney you are considering. Remember, the more cases that attorney has won for his or her clients, the more positive reviews he or she will receive. Don’t settle for just talk…you need to see actual reviews to back up those claims. It’s also wise to ask around town, your family, and your friends about who they have used in the past and whether they would use them again.

The aftermath of motorcycle accident is never easy. No one wants to go through it but you have to make the best of the situation. Going it alone will ensure you receive a mere fraction of what you deserve. No one ever plans to hire a motorcycle accident attorney, but you should act fairly quickly in order to secure the professional legal assistance you need – after getting medical help of course.

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