Spinal cord injuries can change your life in a second, whether originating from an accident, assault or fall. Predicated by weeks, months and even years of rehab, pain and even job loss, spinal cord injuries happen when some kind of trauma damages or severs the spinal cord. Complete paralysis and death are always possibilities, depending on the severity of the accident, but even numbness, partial paralysis and mobility issues can set you up for years of pain and therapy.

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Aside from the physical burdens associated with this injury, many victims suffer emotionally as well. They’re in shock, trying to deal with their injuries, and quietly accept the insurance company’s check. However, they can and should hold out for much more. The loss of motor control that arises from a spinal cord injury can be short lived or a lifelong burden. The outcome is not always known at the start, with injuries that could worsen over time.

When a spinal cord injury is caused by the recklessness or negligence of another party, you can fight for compensation – or more accurately, we can fight on your behalf.  Just remember: financial compensation goes beyond reimbursing the money you need for medical help; it also includes compensation for your pain and suffering. In the case of serious spinal cord injuries that result in paraplegia or quadriplegia, your quality of life has suffered beyond belief.
Why You Should Hire an Experienced Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer
This is why you need a skilled serious spinal cord injuries lawyer who can secure fair and full compensation no matter what level of injury you have suffered.

Here’s why you should hire an experienced spinal cord injury lawyer.

Complex Nature of These Cases

Because spinal cord injuries are complex and serious, hiring an attorney is imperative – one who has the experience in handling lawsuits involving these kinds of injuries. It’s important that the person responsible is held accountable and that you get the compensation you need to meet the demands of your medical expenses, pain and suffering, on-going treatment, lost wages and more.

A spinal cord injury attorney can protect your family, particularly when you face a long road to recovery or perhaps can’t ever fully recover. Some of the expenses that can create huge financial burdens for families after a serious spinal injury include:

  • Post-Discharge Physical Therapy
  • Home Modifications
  • Adapted Vehicles/Driving Controls
  • Standing Frames
  • Fertility Treatments for Men


A spinal cord injury lawyer’s experience can bring big benefits as you engage in battle with the insurance companies. Your lawyer, aggressively fighting for compensation from the responsible party, can do this for you even when you’re in no physical or emotional condition to do so.

Your lawyer will have expertise in dealing with a variety of responsible parties. Let’s say your injury was caused by a faulty or defective product. The manufacturer of that product can be held responsible. Or maybe the seat belts in your car failed to engage properly in an accident, leading to a far worse injury than would have been caused had the seat belts been working as they should. The car manufacturer or seat belt maker can be held responsible.

In other instances, spinal cord injuries are caused by the negligence of a property owner, such as in the case of a slip and fall at work. If it is determined that your employer caused an unsafe condition or failed to address it in a timely fashion, the company could be responsible.

Knowledge of the Claim Value

Most people don’t have the first idea about how to assess the proper monetary value they should obtain from their spinal cord injury claim. It’s no wonder: there are many factors that play into the process of valuing a claim. You really should have an experienced serious spinal cord injuries lawyer on your side who can come up with an accurate estimate.

Those factors include:

  • Analysis of your injuries
  • Assessment of pain and suffering
  • Insurance company strategy
  • Estimates of future medical needs

It’s no surprise that a spinal cord injury case is one of the most costly, thanks to the need for medical experts who must weigh in on your situation, not to mention the future costs of your medical care. There is no reason why your financial life has to be turned upside down due to someone else’s negligence.

Understanding of the Legal Process

The legal procedures that are attached with filing a spinal cord injury claim are confusing, extensive and complex. Skilled attorneys deal with these legal procedures, filing deadlines, etc. on a daily basis. They know what is expected. They know which legal documents to file and when. They know how to properly fill out forms, and what the applicable statutes of limitations are. Perhaps most importantly, they know first-hand how vigilant the insurance companies are when it comes to trying to rip you off.

Going head to head with the insurance company solo is never a good idea. It could end up costing you dearly.

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