Sustaining a spinal cord injury (SCI) brings hard realities to the victim: loss of mobility, numbness, paralysis, etc. Many of these resulting injuries can change your life in a moment. A tragic accident is one thing; when your injury was caused by something that could have been prevented had the other party taken more care, it’s even more heartbreaking.

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That’s why it’s vital to consult with an attorney who has expertise in catastrophic injuries or SCI and not just general personal injury experience. Catastrophic injuries by their very nature cause long-term or permanent damages that you can argue for when it comes to monetary compensation. An SCI attorney knows the many factors involved in developing a comprehensive life care plan that adequately addresses those damages. This can include anything from continuing healthcare and the possibility of future complications stemming from the original injury to home care assistance and psychological treatments.
Why You Should Hire a Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer
A serious spinal cord injuries lawyer maintains a focus on SCI throughout the case and knows how to effectively communicate the extent of your injuries and costs to all relevant parties, from large insurance companies to jury members if the case gets that far.

A good SCI attorney knows:

  • When to be an aggressive litigator, vigorously advocating on your behalf.
  • When to use persuasive negotiations with insurance companies.
  • How to proceed at each step of your case.
  • Understands the relevant issues and how to communicate them to a jury during the trial or through negotiated settlements.
  • How to obtain results for clients.
  • Which payouts are common in spinal injury cases, helping you determine if a settlement is fair.
  • How to negotiate with the insurance company to arrive at a reasonable settlement.

Considerations When Hiring a Serious Spinal Cord Injuries Lawyer

Many spinal cord cases require the injured party to deal with the insurance companies on a long-term, extensive basis. Retaining an attorney who has significant experience in that area will ensure those dealings go smoothly and seamlessly. Your attorney has unique insight into the tactics those insurers will use as well as their goals in settling or defending a case. Your lawyer’s understanding of what motivates insurance companies provides a laser focus on the end game: winning you the monetary compensation you deserve – not just what the insurance company is willing to give. There is a big difference.

When choosing experienced SCI lawyers, consider their record of success. Even though results cannot be guaranteed, look for proven results in many other cases involving the same types of injuries. This will demonstrate that the attorney understands the issues at hand and how to communicate them, backed by personalized attention and fierce negotiation skills.

When developing a case for your spinal cord injury, your attorney must identify available damages, value your claim, prove the responsible party was at fault, and negotiate a fair settlement. An experienced attorney has no problem leveling the playing field against insurers or opposing lawyers.

What Can a Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Do For You?

When suffering from this magnitude at the hands of another party or faulty product, there are two ways you can approach the collection of damages. You can:

  • Sue the person who hurt you, go to trial and have a judge or a jury decide your compensation.
  • Accept an out-of-court settlement, whereby you will receive a set sum of cash in exchange for your signature that releases the other party from any further liability.

There are benefits and drawbacks to both options. If you hire a serious spinal cord injuries lawyer, he or she will:

  • Be familiar with payouts that are common in spine injury cases and ensure that a settlement offered to you is indeed fair.
  • Negotiate with the insurance company to arrive at a reasonable settlement.
  • Use his or her knowledge of spinal cord legal cases to ensure you have the evidence and experts you need to be awarded the damages you deserve.

Risks of Pursuing a Claim Without an Attorney

Regardless of how serious the injury is, spinal cord injury claims are notoriously difficult cases to win. Taking on your own case without professional assistance puts you at these additional risks:

  • Missing a deadline or making a procedural mistake
  • Failing to prove the other party was at fault
  • Miscalculating damages
  • Agreeing to an unfair settlement
  • Failure to collect the right evidence

Get in Touch with The Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers At Kuzyk Law

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