Facing the aftermath of injuries from a car accident can leave you wondering if you should hire an auto accident lawyer. No one can say for sure without a consultation, but one thing is for sure: selecting auto accident attorneys in San Bernardino begins with doing your research. Narrowing down your choices to experienced, skilled and proficient lawyers is the first step. Sitting down with a lawyer is the second.

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While you may not be in the clearest state of mind at this juncture, this is all the more reason why you need to pick up the phone and schedule a consult. Someone who can guide you in the right direction: this is what you need.

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Right now, you may not know if you even have a case. Following are circumstances in which you should consider hiring a lawyer.

Expensive Damages

When the damage to your property or automobile is extensive, the resulting costs to fix all that damage is high – often times more than car accident victims can afford on their own. The insurance company will only give you a small amount – at least at first. You need a lawyer to keep fighting for a higher amount – one that will actually cover you financially.

Grave Injuries

Grave injuries will prevent you from going to work for an extended period of time. They may also involve require lengthy hospital stays and rehab appointments, resulting in temporary or permanent loss in function to appendages, for example. The cost and recovery associated with the worst kinds of injuries (traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury) are exponential and require hiring an auto accident attorney.
When Should You Consider Hiring an Auto Accident Attorney?
If you sustain less severe injuries, such as a broken bone or whiplash, you could also be entitled to compensation but the gray area is larger here. You just want to make sure you’re not missing an opportunity to obtain a higher settlement in the case of injuries that may not seem so bad now but that worsen over time. Don’t ever self-diagnose and assume your injuries aren’t bad enough for compensation. You don’t have to be paralyzed to be compensated. Your lawyer will help you determine if you indeed have a case and help you move forward.

Hospital Visits

If you were sent to the hospital with injuries after the crash, this is a valid reason to consider hiring a lawyer, or at least chatting with one. Why should you be responsible for paying for your hospital stay when the accident wasn’t your fault? The average five-night stay in a regular non-ICU room is $10,000. If you stay in the ICU for just one night, expect to pay $10,000.

Large Medical Bills

Injuries equal medical bills — lots of them. Despite having insurance, you will typically have to pay out of your own pocket for uncovered services. When it comes to serious, long-lasting injuries, the bills associated with all those services, prescriptions and appointments can put you in a bad financial position.

Complex Cases

Not all car accidents have a clear outcome. There may not be just one person at fault. There may be many contributing factors and other motorists involved. With so many complex components, from conflicting witness statements to lengthy accident scene recreations, it’s in your best interests to hire a lawyer to keep it all straight. The sheer volume of paperwork and research involved in bringing a case to fruition takes exhausting, dedicated work over several weeks and months. Do you have the time and acumen for all that?

Death of a Loved One

When a wrongful death is involved, the gravity of the situation is compounded. This is when a motor vehicle accident that was someone else’s fault claims the life of your spouse, child or other loved one. Someone should be held accountable for that loss. Good auto accident attorneys in San Bernardino will make sure they are held responsible for their actions and the victim’s family is protected.

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