Nobody wants to get worked over when it comes to the legal system, yet it happens every single day. Here at Kuzyk Law, we see the unfortunate effects of what happens when you don’t retain the services of a qualified car accident attorney in Los Angeles. Sadly, many people who would otherwise likely be entitled to a good amount of compensation for their injuries settle for much, much less than what they deserve from the insurance company. The result? Months, years or even a lifetime of mounting bills and crushing debt exacerbated by the inability to work.

So, is there a way to settle your car accident case without getting screwed by the insurance companies and legal system? There sure is. It begins with retaining a tenacious car accident attorney in Los Angeles. That’s the most important part. Kuzyk Law can guide you from there. Here are some tips to protecting your worth:

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Choose an Experienced Firm

Look beyond the quantitative amount of years in service and look for experience that shows in the firm’s verdicts and settlements. Specifically, look for firms that are comfortable settling and bringing cases to fruition through trial when the need arises. For example, Kuzyk Law has settled or tried hundreds of cases ranging from small cases featuring minimum liability limits to large multi-million dollar settlements in auto accident and other personal injury cases. In addition, we settle multiple cases every working day and regularly obtain six- and seven-figure settlements in cases with serious injuries.

Keep a Record of All Expenses

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Anything you spend on your recovery, from doctor visit co-pays to prescriptions, should be documented and kept in a safe place. It’s critical to have all bills and receipts related to your car accident settlement handy so you can help prove the amount of your damages. Keep receipts for the following:

  • Hospital charges
  • Pharmacy bills
  • Therapy bills
  • Over-the-counter pain medication
  • Heating pad
  • Crutches

This way, you won’t miss out on any potential reimbursements.

Additionally, keep a record of days lost from work due to your injuries, obtaining written documentation from your employer verifying this. If you keep good records, you can claim lost earnings in your case. If you can’t return to work or school, ask your doctor to provide a signed letter confirming your inability to operate normally due to injuries sustained in the car accident. By keeping everything transparent and following each step in detail, you will ensure a quicker resolution to your case and increase your chances of getting the maximum compensation you are entitled to. Lacking the proper documentation can deter the progress of your case.

Track the Help You Get

If you are enlisting the help of family members or friends in your recovery, take note of this and keep track of all expenses. For example, if your injuries preclude you from mowing your own lawn, cooking for yourself, driving to appointments, or overseeing household and family obligations, you have to pay someone else to help you out. You can absolutely make those payments part of your claim. Pay by check so documentation is easy.

Keep a Journal

In relation to the pain and suffering you are going through, it’s important to keep a daily journal detailing the emotional toll of your accident. Anything from sleepless nights and pain levels to limitations or restrictions from regular activities: it’s all fair game. Take note of any special events, hobbies, and interactions with loved ones that you have missed out on due to the accident.

Avoid Talking to Claims Adjusters

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The only people you should be talking about your case with are your lawyers and your doctor. Otherwise, don’t volunteer any information you don’t have to. Insurance adjusters are highly skilled in twisting words and can use your own accounts against you later. This can cost you greatly in the final amount of settlement. Because the nature of your injuries can be underestimated, even by doctors, in the initial days following the accident, you can never really be sure the extent of your injuries until time has passed. This is yet another reason to refrain from detailing your injuries to adjusters, at least until you are confident in the healing process as noted by your doctor.

Call Kuzyk Law

Time and patience will pay off for you in your car accident settlement. Proper documentation is key to the whole process, as is open communication with your car accident attorney in Los Angeles. All of the above tips can help you save yourself money and potential headaches down the line. Start with a call to Kuzyk Law for a free, no-obligation consultation at 661-945-6969.