Have You Been Injured in a Motorcycle Accident In Santa Clarita?

Motorcycle accidents are unfortunately extremely common. The U.S. Department of Transportation says 2012 saw the deaths of 5,000 motorcyclists in motor vehicle traffic crashes, up seven percent from 2011.

On top of dealing with injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident, you also have the legal process as well as the insurance process to contend with. No one should have to handle that all on their own.

Kuzyk Law is well-qualified to take on Santa Clarita motorcycle accident cases. We are on your side in this fight against injustice.

Built on a Strong Foundation of Obtaining Results.

Kuzyk Law boasts 30 skilled team members all working hard to get you what you deserve after a Santa Clarita motorcycle accident. We are here to help you navigate the frustration of the local court system as well as the bureaucracy of the big insurance companies who only want to get away with as little a payout as possible.

Motorcycle Accidents: A Common Occurrence

Santa Clarita Motorcycle Accident Attorneys
You have every right to ride freely through the winding roads overlooking the beautiful California vistas. However, riding a motorcycle is inherently unsafe, due largely to the negligence of people operating motor vehicles around you.

Santa Clarita is the third largest city in LA County and 18th biggest in all of California, which means there are a lot of people on the roads! Even if you take all the necessary safety precautions, motorcycle accidents can and do happen. This is why you require a qualified, trusted firm that has cut its teeth to razor sharp precision on thousands of Santa Clarita motorcycle accident cases for riders just like you.

Santa Clarita Motorcycle Accident Attorneys: We’re on Your Side

Kuzyk Law, in business for more than 45 years, is devoted to working with your unique needs to obtain financial compensation for your injuries to cover lost wages and hospital bills. Because motorcycle accidents differ in nature than that of a drunk driving or pedestrian accident case, you need a targeted focus from a skilled attorney who handles motorcycle cases like yours frequently.

As your Personal Injury Attorney in Santa Clarita, we will be your voice against the big insurance companies and the California court system. Don’t go it alone.

Accident Attorney Experts

We’re proud of our extensive track record of delivering positive results for our clients. Our personal injury law firm, which was established in 1971 to handle a variety of cases, has collected more than $1 billion in settlements and verdicts for our clients. Our tenacious personal injury legal team fights the good fight for injury victims and their families.

You’re not going to get any sympathy from your insurance company. Those firms are more focused on paying out a small settlement to appease you, but those payouts are painfully inadequate when it comes to covering all your medical bills, physical therapy bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

Our Santa Clarita motorcycle accident lawyers are here for you when those insurance companies are not. We have handled thousands of motorcycle accident-related cases in our many years fighting for you. These accidents can and do happen frequently and there’s no way to predict what someone will do behind the wheel of a car or what the weather will be on any given day. There are several factors that can converge to make for dangerous conditions on the roadways.

In the event you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, here’s how we’ll evaluate your case:

  • Identify responsible parties
  • Locate witnesses that can help with your case
  • File the lawsuit, depositions, discovery, motions and trial
  • File all insurance-related paperwork
  • Review medical records

Depend on a law firm that has successfully handled cases on injuries sustained, medical assistance required, damages, and wrongful death arising from motorcycle accidents. Our team can get you the full value of what you’re owed quickly and efficiently, often settling before going to trial.

Your Health is Too Important.

Let our Santa Clarita injury lawyers help you get back what you lost in the accident—your rights. Don’t waste time waiting for inadequate payouts from private insurance companies that don’t care about your personal situation. Your health is too important to stress out over meager payments. Look to us to be your defender. We get results!
Motorcycle Injury Lawyer Santa Clarita

Kuzyk Law. Handling Motorcycle Accident Cases Since 1971

The Kuzyk Law office, although based in nearby Lancaster, is happy to serve clients in Santa Clarita and beyond. We love working and visiting sunny Santa Clarita, featuring an historic, small-town charm, destination dining, signature shopping and limitless outdoor adventure. Our team is here to represent you in your quest to find justice after a motorcycle accident – even going so far as to visit with you in your home instead of our offices if you need to.

“Nothing was needed. Your services were fantastic. Thank you so much for everything.” – Valerie C., Lancaster

Our personal touch and attention to detail are what set us apart from all the other law firms around.

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With attorneys who speak both English and Spanish fluently, you can trust us to work as your defender in Santa Clarita motorcycle accidents. Call Kuzyk Law at 661-945-6969 for a free, no-obligation consultation. We work on contingency, which means we don’t take a dime from you until we win!