Commercial Truck Accidents: A Big Concern on the Roadways In Santa Clarita

The first thing you do when involved in a commercial truck accident is seek medical attention immediately – even if your injury doesn’t seem serious. Commercial trucks can cause vast amounts of damage to cars and occupants simply due to the weight, size and speed at which they travel. Because semi trucks, 18 wheelers and tractor trailers often weigh a good 30 tons, the potential risk for serious injury and loss of life is staggering.

The number of commercial truck accidents in Santa Clarita is only rising as more traffic clogs the roadways.

The next call you make should be to your Santa Clarita commercial truck accident lawyer: Kuzyk Law. We’ve successfully handled more than 100,000 cases, backed by the experience necessary to fight for our clients against insurance companies and maximize compensation for those involved in commercial truck accidents.

Commercial Truck Accidents in Santa Clarita: We Fight for You

As the third largest city in LA County, Santa Clarita has countless roadways clogged with motor vehicles of all kinds, all jockeying for position. The trucks usually win.

The size and speed of commercial trucks traveling over California’s freeways and inter-city streets can put you and your family in harm’s way, particularly when other factors are at play, such as poor weather, blind spots, and distracted driving. With so many trucks on the road due to an increase in online shopping and new construction, there’s a much bigger chance for devastating accidents.
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With driver fatigue causing just as many accidents these days as drunk driving, you can’t ignore the increasing risk to your safety as you contend with commercial trucks on the roadways. Truckers often push themselves to make quotas and log more miles per day under pressure from their bosses. They can nod off while driving, causing a horrendous accident due to poor judgment. However, this is no consolation to you and your family, who must now live with severe injuries as a victim of a commercial truck accident.

Here at Kuzyk Law, we can bring a suit against any number of responsible parties, ranging from the driver himself to the owner of the shipping company. We can even accomplish this in many instances without going to court.

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Who else is going to fight for your rights to get the compensation you deserve? The insurance companies won’t do it. The standard model they follow is to offer as little as possible when it comes to a payout – this may only be enough to cover the damage to your car and immediate medical bills. However, you will likely have ongoing physical therapy and medical bills to pay, not to mention the wages you will lose from time off work.

Our truck accident lawyers deal with these cases day in and day out. You need someone like us to speak up for you when you are powerless against the insurance conglomerates. We can get your case the attention and monetary reward it deserves. It all starts with a phone call to our steadfast legal team boasting over 45 years of success. Did you know we have collected more than $1 billion in settlements and verdicts since we opened our firm in 1971?

In determining the cause of a commercial truck accident, many factors come into play, all with potentially devastating scenarios:

  • Roll-overs: Often clocking in at 30 to 40 tons, big rigs can crush people and cars in a second, causing life-altering emotional or physical trauma. You need adequate compensation to cover ongoing medical and physical therapy bills, pain and suffering, and loss of future earnings.
  • Overloading: Loaded too heavily with freight, trucks can reach their tipping point when forced to stop sooner than they have to. These overloaded trucks require long stopping times, which can lead to deadly rear-end collisions if they have to stop short.
  • Improper loading: Similar to overloading, improper loading can lead to uneven weight distribution, instability and the chance for roll-over or rear-end collision. We can go after the company responsible for weighing the freight so that they are held accountable for any injuries you may have sustained.

We understand the medical and therapy bills don’t stop arriving right after the accident. With severe injury cases, the recovery process can take months or even years. You shouldn’t have to worry about paying those bills. Let us assist you in obtaining follow-up medical care and full treatment to get you healthy again. Many times, we can convince the doctors to provide their services on a lien basis, which means no up front, out of pocket medical costs for you. Our team can work with your regular doctors, or we can even recommend reputable and experienced doctors if you don’t have your own.
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Kuzyk Law can negotiate on your behalf to get compensation for damages ranging from medical bills to lost earnings. We can settle or go to court to fight on your behalf to get you the payment you are entitled to.

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With a personal injury attorney in Santa Clarita, you have the resources and unrelenting skills to negotiate on your behalf for damages ranging from medical bills to lost earnings. Don’t handle the fight on your own. You have too much to worry about. Let Kuzyk Law fight for your rights today.

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