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Burn injuries are perhaps the most severe, painful and long-lasting of any other type of injury. Not only is the initial experience scary and painful, the effects of those scars extend beyond the physical. Often times, victims develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that requires years or even life-long treatment and counseling.

Chemical, Electrical, Radiological, Thermal…

There are many different types of burns. Here at Kuzyk Law, we’ve defended cases involving all of them in our more than 45 years of practice. You need and deserve a proper payout, which should be much more than an insurance company is willing to shell out.

As your Palmdale burn injury attorneys, we fight to get you what you deserve, and we don’t stop until we do.

Get the Amount you Deserve for Burn Injuries in Palmdale

Don't Get Burned Again Burn Injury Palmdale
Palmdale residents take great pride in their community, home to more than half a million residents. However, with all those people come even more potential for burns of all kinds, especially on the industrial side of town.

Whether you’ve been scalded by a hot liquid, sustained contact burns from hot metal, experienced gamma radiation burns or suffered through an explosion of a flammable liquid, rest assured we will do all we can to help you.

If you have been the victim of a burn, obtain medical treatment immediately.

Your next step is to call your trusted injury attorney in Palmdale before it’s too late. It’s our job to obtain maximum compensation for you and your family so you can properly deal with the injuries you sustained, which can have tragic and long-lasting results.

Serious burns that affect a large portion of the body can require painful skin grafting, therapy and hospital stays for many years and even over a lifetime. You shouldn’t have to keep paying for those ongoing bills because of someone else’s negligence. Turn to your trusted Palmdale burn injury attorney for help: Kuzyk Law.

Did you know the number of burn injury patients requiring medical treatment, according to the American Burn Association, totals 486,000 each year in this country?

Don’t let the responsible party get away with this. Call us now to get the monetary reward you deserve. It’s imperative to act now.

Your Reliable Burn Injury Attorneys in Palmdale

From permanent scarring to massive reconstructive surgery, burns can be costly and even life-altering for an entire family. The therapy visits, the surgeries, the skin grafts, the lost wages – it all adds up.

Let our expert injury attorneys in Palmdale get that compensation for you so you’re never without the basics for your family. After all, someone should pay and it shouldn’t be you!

Common effects of burn injuries include:

  • Huge and ongoing medical expenses
  • Permanent scarring due to skin tissue damage
  • Nerve damage
  • Lifelong emotional and psychological trauma
  • Disfigurement and cosmetic deformities
  • Inability to grow new skin
  • Oversensitivity to heat, cold, or sunlight
  • Multiple reconstructive and restorative surgeries
  • Inability to sweat efficiently
  • Loss of limbs due to injury-related amputation
  • Debilitating fear and emotional suffering

These tragic consequences to burns represent an extremely expensive proposition for the families affected. Why should you be left responsible for the bills if someone else was at fault?

Many people assume their company’s insurance provider will do all they can to get the victim adequate monetary restitution, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Insurance companies push for a quick payout that often doesn’t come close to providing you with the money you need to properly treat your burns over many years or even a lifetime.
Wrapped Wrist Burn Injury Palmdale
It’s not fair, but you don’t have to stand for it. Those medical bills won’t stop coming, particularly if ongoing skin graft surgeries are required to remedy the burns. You have to think about the future even in the midst of pain and tragedy right now.

No one can ease the physical pain and trauma you’re experiencing, but we CAN ease the financial burden so you have one less thing to worry about during recovery.

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Have you been the unfortunate victim of a burn injury in Palmdale? Don’t waste any time. Call the qualified burn injury attorneys at Kuzyk Law now. You’ll soon see why our attorneys are so tenacious and never back down from a fight with the insurance company.

Make an appointment with your doctor or head to the nearest ER after a burn. Then call us. Kuzyk Law has won more than $1 billion in settlements and verdicts since 1971. That’s more than four decades of legal excellence.

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