It’s no easy task finding a qualified Lancaster spinal injury attorney. Not only are you going through a traumatic experience in the aftermath of your spinal cord injury or that of your loved one, but you likely know next to nothing about this branch of personal injury law.

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We’re going to examine some misconceptions about hiring the right lawyer when it comes to securing the compensation you are rightfully owed for your spinal cord injury.

Misconception:  A reputable personal injury attorney is fine enough for your needs; you don’t have to hunt down a lawyer that actually specializes in spinal cord injury law.

Truth: Think again. Spinal cord injury, or SCI, is fraught with many aspects that are unique from other types of personal injury law. In addition to the immense pain and suffering for the victim and family, SCI involves many complex medical consequences that can even include long-term or life-time disability, along with:

  • Specialized doctors
  • Rehab and medical expenses
  • Psychological and physiological issues
  • Loss of ability to work

Unless your lawyer is extremely familiar with every one of these aspects, there is no way he or she can know what your long-term medical and rehabilitation needs will be and thus can’t readily negotiate the best compensation package for you. Remember, a structured settlement takes into account your specific financial, medical and rehabilitation needs.
Misconceptions About Hiring a Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer
Misconception: Once you find the best SCI lawyer for you, your work is done.

Truth: Choosing a spinal cord injury lawyer familiar with paralysis and its effects is definitely half the battle. But your job is not done. It’s important that you and your lawyer can work together effectively. Because these are complex cases requiring coordinated effort between you and your lawyer, you should make sure your personalities match. They should be readily accessible, easy to talk to, bring familiarity with your medical condition to each and every encounter, and have the ability to access local doctors who specialize in this field. You should feel comfortable talking with your lawyer, calling him or her on the phone, asking questions, making suggestions, and generally discussing all matters pertaining to your case.

Misconception: You don’t have to worry about costs until later.

Truth: Not always so. There’s an immense amount of groundwork that has to be done in a spinal cord injury case. Many things must be gathered: medical records, expert opinions, research on the cost of the medical care and related treatments, witnesses to interview, and the list goes on and on. Don’t assume anything regarding cost: you must discuss whether the lawyers will cover these costs and how they will do it. Will they take their compensation out of the settlement or do they require some money up front before they will file? Do they have the resources necessary to go to trial if that’s what it takes to ensure maximum recovery? If you’re like most victims of SCI, you simply don’t have the financial resources to cover expert witness fees or litigation costs. An experienced Riverside County spinal injury attorney knows this and should offer to handle your case on a contingency fee basis with no upfront costs to you.

Misconception: Choosing a spinal cord injury lawyer is easy; just go online and you’ll find plenty in your area.

Truth: While it is true that personal injury lawyers in Riverside County are plentiful, not all of them are created equal. You can’t just rely on the Internet for this one: you have to do your own research to find the most qualified lawyer for your needs. Many general personal injury law firms run Internet ad campaigns designed to capture any and all cases they can. However, this isn’t an indication of their skill and experience in handling successful SCI cases. When meeting with potential lawyers, ask what percentage of the lawyer and firm’s cases involve SCI injuries and how many such cases the firm has successfully resolved. Do they personally have experience or do they rely on the combined experience of other lawyers within the company? When was the last case they successfully resolved? Was it similar to yours?

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