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As the victim of a bicycle accident, you have the law on your side. After all, a mere bicycle is no match for a large motor vehicle!

Recouping your losses, from missed work to medical bills, starts with the important step of getting in touch with the Lancaster bicycle accident lawyers at Kuzyk Law. You have rights, and you need not wait to start the process of getting what you deserve. In fact, the longer you wait after an accident, the harder it is to win your case.

Thanks to a shrewd legal team with an eye for detail and a history of success in fighting back against inadequate payouts from insurance companies, you can rest assured we are dedicated to recovering compensation for those involved in bicycle accidents.
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Lancaster Bike Accident Attorneys At Kuzyk Law

Riding your bike along city streets – especially high automobile traffic areas – can pose a threat to your safety. Even though you’re doing a good thing by staying fit and not contributing to the emissions in Lancaster (home to 168,000), bicycle accidents can turn deadly very quickly.

Too many motorists fail to obey the rules of the road and take extra care around bikers. When on a bicycle, you’re extremely vulnerable and exposed, leaving you at risk to be hit and injured, or worse, killed.

If you’re a bicycling enthusiast in Lancaster, we are here to help you. Traffic abounds here within the busy city streets, which unfortunately can lead to bicycle accidents. The Journal of American Medical Association points out that collisions with motor vehicles are by far the biggest hazard in bicycling, responsible for at least four-fifths of all fatalities.

Your Lancaster Accident Lawyers Get Results

Here at Kuzyk Law, we’re no strangers to defending bicycle accident cases. These types of accidents involving bikes and motor vehicles can be devastating to the rider and his family, resulting in catastrophic injuries, skyrocketing medical bills and even wrongful death. As your go-to injury attorneys in Lancaster since 1971, we’ve collected more than $1 billion in settlements and verdicts in our more than 45 year history.

What makes a bicycle accident so much worse than a pedestrian accident is the speed at which the bike is traveling. Unlike a pedestrian, a bicycle hits objects – such as cars – at a much higher rate of impact, causing even more serious injuries.

Tenacious Legal Experts.

Bike riders historically have a harder time collecting damages than someone who is hit while walking. In addition, many bicycle collisions occur as part of a hit and run, which makes finding the responsible party that much more difficult.

You get peace of mind with our unrelenting personal injury legal team. We don’t give up until we get you the full value you’re entitled to – many times without doing battle in a courtroom.
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The Trouble With Insurance Companies

Don’t trust that your insurance company will take care of you and give you the monetary rewards you deserve. The problem with those insurance payouts is that they don’t begin to cover the cost of ongoing medical bills, physical therapy bills and lost wages due to missed work.

Insurance companies follow a standard model of paying out as little as they can possibly get away with. Something called the degree of comparative negligence is involved here, which is the value an injured bike rider is assigned when a case is evaluated.

Insurance company claims adjusters use this comparative negligence law as a way to get your total settlement value reduced when faced with the prospect of providing insurance coverage for the negligent driver. Adjusters, unfortunately, attempt to lessen the value of the claim by trying to insinuate that the injured bicyclist was the cause of the accident.

You need an experienced Lancaster personal injury lawyer on your side to represent you and face off against these unscrupulous claims adjusters who want to get away with as little a payout as possible. We will work to get you the maximum compensation owed—usually by settlements before going to court.

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Kuzyk Law has the power to get what you rightfully deserve, so you can feel good about relying on our solid track record of handling bicycle accident cases in and around Lancaster.

In our long history, we see the same factors coming into play again and again. Bicycle injuries and deaths can occur due to the fault of a motor vehicle driver:

  • Careless or distracted driving while turning
  • Speeding
  • Alcohol or drug use (DUI)
  • Texting or using a smart phone while driving
  • Failure to yield to pedestrian right of way

Our Lancaster injury attorneys are well-versed in auto accident settlement cases involving bicyclists, with experts who know how to cut through the red tape of insurance companies and the local court system. We aim to get you the financial compensation you deserve to cover anything from medical and physical therapy bills to pain and suffering.

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With our main office rooted here in Lancaster, you can bet we love where we live and work! Lancaster, a beautiful up-and-coming city in northern Los Angeles County, is nestled in the Antelope Valley and takes the distinction of being the 31st largest city in the state. Kuzyk Law’s attorneys do all we can to make you comfortable sharing your case. We speak fluent Spanish and English for your convenience.

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