Wondering how to find the best wrongful death attorney? Are you finding it tough to narrow them down? There is no shortage of wrongful death lawyers in the LA area. The key is to look at all the variables and select the best one based on your set criteria. You should keep several things in mind when choosing wrongful death attorneys to represent you.

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First off, let’s explain what a wrongful death is. You maybe unsure if you even have a case, which is one reason why you should consult with a lawyer. A wrongful death arises when someone’s careless actions lead to the death of someone you love. A manufacturer could be to blame for a faulty component in a vehicle that leads to a car accident. A doctor could give the wrong medication, leading to the death of a patient. A criminal could inflict violent blows to the head of an innocent victim to cause their untimely demise.

How to Find The Best Wrongful Death Lawyer

Whatever the case, someone should pay for the life they took from you. It’s also important to note that wrongful death cases aren’t the easiest to fight and win. Fault must be clearly and thoroughly investigated and declared, and these cases often take a lot of time. Thus, you need all the resources you can get, which is where hiring a wrongful death lawyer from Kuzyk Law comes in.

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Meantime, follow these tips on finding the best wrongful death lawyer for you.

1.     Look into Background

The importance of research can’t be understated. While this is definitely a confusing and painful time,you can’t let your emotions cloud your judgement when it comes to finding the best professional for your case. Investigate the background of a few wrongful death attorneys in your area. Then call a few and request a free consult.

2.     Ask Questions

This is your time to ask any questions you need to. It’s a frustrating time, one that doesn’t always give you the answers you seek. Ask questions and take notes so you remember the details later. Here are good areas to cover:

  • Years of experience in personal injury law
  • Percentage of practice comprised of wrongful death claims
  • History of verdicts and settlements
  • How many wrongful death cases are settled and how many go to trial
  • How frequently the firm handles cases like yours
  • How many years serving the same area (Kuzyk Law has been serving the Antelope Valley and beyond since 1971).

3.      Negotiation Experience

The stakes are high in wrongful death cases. You can expect the other party’s team of lawyers to come back at you full force. They have all their own experts, witnesses and attorneys all fighting for their client. Make sure you have a qualified, tenacious, won’t-back-down team of your own with a proven track record of results.

4.     Look for a Strong Team

No reputable wrongful death attorney works alone. The one you choose should have a strong team behind him or her to ensure a fully fleshed out case. This may involve paralegals to do all the research and paperwork, as well as colleagues to help the lawyer present evidence that clearly and thoroughly proves the extent of negligence. A good attorney will wear different hats, playing a private investigator at times, and legal advisor at others. They should also have medical doctors they work with frequently to help them determine the damages.

5.     Keep Lines of Communication Open

Your wrongful death attorney has to be exceptional at communication. Without someone who can efficiently talk with others and negotiate on your behalf, you may fall through the cracks. Your lawyer should take the time to listen to your concerns, allay your fears, answer your questions and return calls promptly. 

6.      Keep Realistic Expectations

A good wrongful death attorney will be the first to tell you there’s one thing certain in wrongful death cases: nothing is certain. Due to the complexity involved in these types of cases, it can be very difficult to pinpoint an exact timeline of how long it will all take, as well as how much in damages you could be awarded. From defective products to extensive investigations into multi-car accidents, there’s no real way to predict with any certainty the end result. Just keep an open mind and rely on best estimates provided by your lawyer.

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