No one plans on getting injured in a car accident, but if the worst happens and you do face an injury, you want to know you have secured the best support system possible. Whether you suffered a broken bone, severe whiplash, TBI or spinal cord injury, time is of the essence. Of course, getting prompt medical attention comes first. Next, you need to act fairly quickly in order to secure the professional legal assistance you will require to get the compensation you deserve.
How to Choose the Best Car Accident Attorneys in Lancaster
If not, you risk having to take on the huge monetary burden that comes with hospital stays, therapy, medical bills, and time off work. That being said, you don’t need to sacrifice quality for speed. Take some time to locate the best car accident attorneys in Lancaster with these tips.

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Ask Your Support System

Start with family and friends. These are usually the most reliable sources you can find. We know how plentiful lawyers are in Lancaster. Settling on the right one can feel like a shot in the dark. To find a qualified, experienced attorney, often times this starts with a personal recommendation from someone you know. Sure, online reviews can act as a general guide but the best recommendations are personal. Find out who has had to hire a car accident attorney in the past. Learn which law firm they went with, their comfort level in working with them, and whether they got the outcome they wanted. Would they hire them again?

Compile a Checklist

It can be overwhelming keeping all the information you gather straight. It’s helpful to create a checklist before calling several car accident attorneys in Lancaster. Be on the lookout for:

  • Several years of experience in the same general location
  • Level of skill, education and track record
  • How many settlements and verdicts, how much, average length of cases, etc.
  • Passionate, dependable work ethic
  • Accessibility and responsiveness to clients
  • Professionalism throughout all levels, from support staff to paralegals to lawyers
  • Attentiveness to all questions and answers
  • 24/7 availability
  • Quick return of phone calls
  • Reasonable rates (most don’t demand payment till you win)

Trust Your Gut

All the credentials in the world don’t mean much when you just don’t feel a connection with a particular lawyer. Yes, you want one who is straightforward, honest, realistic, skilled and aggressive. On the other side of the coin, you also want someone with whom you can feel comfortable and at ease. The legal process can be a long and draining one. You will likely meet with your lawyer several times over the next few months or even years. You should feel a connection with them immediately. So, if anything feels off to you, such as standoffish personality, lukewarm reviews, failure to call you back fast, dirt cheap rates, and promises of unrealistic guarantees, take pause and move on. Make sure the lawyer you choose is professional yet personable, compassionate yet aggressive, in pursuing justice for you and your family.

History and Experience

Doing your homework on car accident attorneys in Lancaster can’t be missed. You’ll have to delve into their track record, education and experience, keeping your eye out for a proven history of six-and-seven-figure verdicts or settlements under their belts. This is especially important if you have a big case marked by very serious injuries and recovery times. You want peace of mind that your attorney can deliver a large verdict or settlement in your favor so you can handle those large financial burdens in the future.

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