Bicycle accidents can be very serious, especially when occurring in high automobile traffic areas. With thousands of bicyclists injured in California every year, many times this is due to motorists failing to obey the right-of-way laws put in place to protect them.

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A bicycle is no match for a huge motorized passenger vehicle. Due to the mismatch in forces as well as the lack of protection surrounding cyclists, these accidents often result in extensive injuries even in the simplest of accidents at lower speeds. This type of collision is far more devastating to the rider and his family, resulting in catastrophic injuries, extensive medical bills, and even wrongful death.
How to Choose a Bicycle Accident Lawyer
Home to four million residents, it stands to reason why so many commuters choose to ditch the car and bike to work in Lancaster. Yet this decision comes with a higher potential for dangerous accidents. Sometimes bikers crash into other bikers, pedestrians, and stationary objects. But most often, they collide with motor vehicles. If you find yourself in need of legal help after a bicycle accident, it’s imperative to choose the right bicycle accident attorney in Lancaster promptly.

Do You Even Need an Attorney?

First off, you have to determine if you even need to hire an attorney. In many cases accompanying serious injury, the answer is quite obvious. The clarity of the answer isn’t always so clear though. It’s OK. That’s what Kuzyk Law is here for. If you’re unsure if you have a case, call us now for your free consultation to discuss the details at 661-945-6969.

In choosing the right bike accident lawyer for your case, look for…

Experience in Dealing with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are supposed to help clients cover the costs of their bicycle accidents. But in reality, they intend to pay you off with a minimal amount so they can close out the case and move on without having to commit to a large monetary award. That’s why dealing with these companies can be a confusing and frustrating process. Your bicycle accident attorney in Los Angeles knows how to bypass the red tape by filing claims in a timely manner and dealing with adjusters who are unwilling to pay what they should.

Your local bicycle accident attorney, trained to analyze your policy and ensure the insurance company treats you with fairness, will take care of all the disputes, letters and documentation so you can concentrate on moving on. Tackling the process on your own will only serve to delay the process and result in repeated lowball offers that aren’t in your best interests.

Experience in Managing Serious Injury

If you have suffered grave injuries resulting from the bicycle accident, especially those that come with extensive surgeries or other expensive medical procedures, these costs will build up extremely quickly. Accepting the initial payout from the insurance company won’t be nearly enough to touch those ongoing medical expenses. Complicating matters, your doctor may not realize how extensive your injuries are in the beginning, especially those involving the head or spine.

A bicycle accident attorney can extract the most out of your settlement and prevent those debilitating financial hardships later.

Specialized Knowledge

Look for someone who specializes in your particular legal issue and specific type of injury. The one you choose should count bicycle accident law as one of her specialties – someone who can seamlessly interpret and stay on top of the many laws governing this legal area of expertise. Additionally, insurance policies often feature confusing language, making it much easier to simply rely on an experienced attorney to decode those laws and policies.

Someone Who Will Answer Your Questions

Ask your potential lawyer any questions that clarify things for you. Seeking damages in a bike accident case can be fraught with confusion. From how much experience they have with bicycle accidents to how many successful outcomes they have had, come up with a list of questions to ask at your free initial consultation.

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