It is no secret that insurance companies do not have your best interest in mind when dealing with auto accident injury cases. Their priority is to protect their money while only giving you less than what you really deserve. An auto accident injury claim needs to be handled through professional and experienced attorneys who will fight for you and your rights.

There are many legal matters associated with insurance companies and auto accident injury claims. What questions will you need to consider when dealing with a car accident injury claim?

What should I do if I have been injured in an accident?

The priority is your health, so seek medical attention immediately. If you are capable of doing so, collect all necessary information such as other parties’ insurance info, contact info of witnesses and take pictures of the incident. You will also want to contact your local police to fill out a report for documentation. Provide them with factual information ONLY. Then, contact an experienced team such as Kuzyk Law to handle your case. We take it from there and will ask you to provide us with any necessary resources that we feel will help in your case.

What should I expect from a Personal Injury Attorney?

Personal injury attorneys know that first and foremost, you need to seek medical care and treatment. We can help you find excellent doctors who will not require payment from you until the case settles. From there, we will be able to evaluate and offer legal guidance for the duration of the case. At Kuzyk Law, we work hard to get you necessary compensation in the form of monetary and property value. Since there is injury involved, we will also work to recover any medical expenses and pain and suffering associated with your case. Attorneys are trained to communicate with insurance companies and not allow them to treat you poorly. They fight for you and everything that you deserve.

What is the billing process for your firm’s attorney fees and costs?

The way billing works and how much you can afford makes a great impact on your decision to choose an attorney to handle your case. Kuzyk Law works on a contingency fee basis for personal injuries. This means that we are not paid until we recover a financial award for you. We pay for any costs associated with your case up front and require the client to pay it back when the case settles, assuming a winning case, of course. So you have nothing out of pocket.

What is the value of my case?

Not every personal injury case is the same so it is difficult to determine whether an outcome is successful or not. Depending on the severity of the injuries, success is determined by insurance coverage and the details of how the injuries were sustained. Of course, it is the attorney’s job to evaluate your case effectively to properly analyze its potential for a good outcome. Other factors include medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. As long as there is validity for these expenses as they relate to your injury, we will work to make sure we recover those damages for you.

Should anyone else be involved in my case?

The only people involved should be your attorney and doctors. Sometimes, insurance companies will want to talk to you prior to paying for any expenses. In that case, you can refer them to speak with your attorney so we can speak on your behalf. No one else should be involved as it may hinder or lessen your chance of a successful outcome. Only those who are specifically involved should be the ones you speak to about your case, in general.

What can be done NOW?

Again, the priority is to protect your health so seeking medical attention is something that needs to be done immediately. We are able to assist you with finding a doctor who specializes in personal injury cases. Another issue that will be resolved immediately is the insurance company’s obligation to pay for your medical expenses. A case does not have to be completely settled before they reconcile these bills for you. Your attorney will help guide you through this payment process. Speaking of insurance companies, they are more concerned with saving money so they may attempt to deny you any payments you are owed or bills you need to pay. If that it is the case, we can help with getting you fair compensation and preventing you from becoming a victim of fraudulent insurance denials and tactics.

When is it time to seek legal counsel?

Following medical treatment, it is always advisable to seek legal counsel in personal injury cases. In doing so, you can expedite the claims process while feeling confident that you have professional assistance on your side. Dealing with insurance companies can be a real headache and they will usually never do what is best for you. An attorney can help you evaluate your individual case and provide you with the best legal service. Delayed efforts can strongly hinder your chances of receiving adequate compensation.

How does the process work?

You can be confident in knowing that an experienced attorney is taking care of your case with fidelity. Of course, every case is different and may see a variety of steps in the process, but the general process looks similar to:

  1. File a claim pertaining to property damage and/or physical injury.
  2. Determine compensation amounts.
  3. File a claim with liable party’s insurance company.
  4. File suit if there the claims are denied or lowballed.

Knowing how the process works is essential to give you a peace of mind. You are aware of what the steps look like and the need for alternative options if one route does not pan out the way you anticipated. You can be certain that your attorney will take care of the whole process for you while allowing you time to recover from your injuries and getting back to your normal routines.

You should not be left in the dark when it comes to knowing the facts about insurance companies and your auto accident injury claims. You have legal rights and deserve a lot more than they can offer you.

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