Every day in this country, 1,000 people require emergency care treatment for dog bite injuries. There are about 40 dog bite-related fatalities annually. The CDC says that 4.5 million people are bitten by a dog annually, with one out of five bites becoming infected.

Pit bulls and Rottweilers make up the top two breeds of dog involved in the attacks, accounting for nearly 75 percent of all fatal attacks between 2005 and 2014.

But make no mistake: the breed is not the problem. Irresponsible humans are the problem.
Compensated For Dog Attack With Kuzyk Law
If you are the victim of a vicious dog bite or dog attack by animals who are not properly trained and restrained by their owners, you may be entitled to compensation, either from the dog owner or their insurance company.

But don’t expect an insurance company to be any more forthcoming with a large monetary payout than an irresponsible dog owner. The standard for-profit insurance model is to give you the least amount they can get away with.

So how can you fight their lawyers and dense language to get your injuries and rehab paid for?

Turn to Kuzyk Law. We’ll fight to get the amount you truly deserve. We’ve been doing this for dog bite victims since 1971.

Common Dog Bite Injuries

Common dog bite injuries resulting from attacks include:

  • Puncture wounds: Whether superficial or deep, puncture wounds can cause infection and require antibiotics.
  • Infection: Because the mouths and claws of dogs are often covered in dirt, waste and bacteria, these can easily be transferred to wounds during a dog attack. Be on the lookout for redness, swelling, pus, tenderness, and heat.
  • Facial scarring: Permanent facial or body scarring can occur with dog attacks, especially in the young. Such scars can cause a loss in self-confidence at the very least but can also lead to painful, costly reconstructive surgery.
  • Nerve damage: Deep bites can damage the nerves in the face, neck, arms, or legs, resulting in mobility issues and chronic pain.
  • Post-traumatic stress: Wounds often go beyond the physical, especially with kids, where the victim has recurrent nightmares and no longer wants to go outside or anywhere they may encounter dogs.

Don’t be Fooled by the Insurance Companies

You may assume an insurance company will come through for you with a payout that will cover your lost wages, ongoing rehab, reconstructive surgery, medical bills, and pain and suffering. But the truth is, they are looking to appease their customers with the smallest amount possible, barely adequate to cover your most pressing immediate bills.

You could be left to scramble for money on your own to provide for yourself and your family while recuperating.

Don’t leave your financial future and health up to chance. Call Kuzyk Law. Our experience over more than 45 years means we can fight for an amount that will give you peace of mind during this traumatic time.

We Make the Insurance Companies Pay

Kuzyk Law’s personal injury attorneys won’t back down when it comes to fighting the bureaucracy to get you the money you deserve! You don’t pay us anything until we get you your settlement. Call Kuzyk Law right away after obtaining medical attention.
Kuzyk Law Helps Get Compensation From Dog Attack
We know how to cut through the red tape that the average victim can’t navigate on their own. In the meantime, take care of yourself per your doctor’s orders and don’t throw anything away. Keep all paperwork, photos, prescription bottles – anything that pertains to your case.  Take pictures that show how the accident happened, the accident scene, your injuries and your emergency treatment…that can be very convincing to an insurance company or jury.

Our team can put your mind at ease with a free, no-obligation case evaluation when you call Kuzyk Law at 661-945-6969. Wasting time will not help your case. Call us immediately after a dog bite to ensure the best financial outcome.