What Is The Most Important Safety Feature On A Car

Some of us love to travel and unravel ourselves on adventurous road trips. But, for saving lives, what is the most important safety feature on a car? We might be traveling frequently. But it is true that many of us still lack the knowledge required for a safe and sound journey.

We are in a new decade of technological advancements. The automobile industry has come up with various models of electric and driver less cars today. These vehicles have changed the appearance of the industry. It is also undeniable that we get awed by the advancements of technology. You might know about the feeling if you have recently visited a car showroom. Television commercials in such places highlight the most important features of these vehicles. 

However, one should not get distracted by such advertisements. Instead, buyers should prioritize the availability of high-quality safety features. For instance, checking for sensors and binary sequences can be a wise idea.  

It is true that a fast and compact car is fun to drive, but the excitement can wither away easily during an accident. A report by the Centers for Disease Control Prevention highlights a large number of car-related deaths. Around 33,804 have lost their lives to road accidents in the year 2014. Nevertheless, many of these deaths could have been prevented simply by installing systems capable of averting road accidents. 

Therefore, the importance of safety features in cars cannot be neglected. Previously, the car safety features focused mainly on minimizing serious injury during an accident. But the recent advancements are more inclined to detecting the probabilities of road accidents in advance. However, it never hurts to keep the contact of a car accident lawyer like Kuzyk Law handy. 

In this article, we will be talking about both the traditional and the new age safety features in a car. These features can reduce the chances of hazard during an accident. Additionally, they can provide warnings beforehand to increase road safety. 

1. Airbags

Would you rather be in a situation similar to the Final Destination? Or would you choose to come home safely to watch the movie and laugh at it with your loved ones? I assume that the second one is better! That is where airbags play an important role. On the outside, airbags seem to be marshmallow-soft. But they are firm enough to protect you from the Grim Reaper. How, you ask? Basic physics! 

The impact force depends on the time taken to slow a body. Assume that you are driving your car in a very jolly mood. Suddenly, a negligent driver rams into your car, causing a collision. At this time, the airbags will inflate and then immediately deflate. As a result, you will decelerate slowly. This will cause a smaller impact force and help you survive the accident.

During the mid- ‘70s, airbags were added to cars. Since then, there have been several controversies. However, many proponents believe that this safety feature is a must in a car. 

Moreover, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety states that the frontal airbags have saved almost 39,886 lives since 2013. Not only can they prevent brain trauma but also avert death. 

2. Electronic Stability Control

The action-packed movie scenes with the protagonists steering their car sharply seem surreal. To be honest, such stunts do not solely rely on their driving skills. Some credit must also be given to Electronic Stability Control (ECS). 

ESC can determine whether a car is in the same direction that the driver intends. It does so by comparing the steering wheel angle with the car’s yaw rate. The yaw rate is the speed at which the steering wheel rotates about its center point.  

ESC brings the car back to its intended path by strategically applying individual brakes. Additionally, some car systems prevent loss of traction by reducing engine power. If you under-or over-steer, the ESC will automatically apply brakes to the relevant wheel. Perhaps, you will be saved from hitting curbs or rolling over. 

This is, by far, the most regarded safety innovation since the conceptualization of seat belts. Furthermore, the US government has also mandated having ESC for all vehicles sold by 2012. This regulation acts as a preventive measure to save lives. 

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 3. Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)

A lot of us wonder about the significance of anti lock brake systems. To begin with, it helps with a shorter stopping distance. Suppose you are driving on a windy road. Suddenly a dog decides to jump in front of your car. Unless you despise animals, you will try to prevent hitting the poor creature. That is where the anti-lock brakes prove to be useful. 

In a panic stop like this, ABS will ensure that you do not hit others if you pull the brakes suddenly. At best, you will not hit the object harder or crush them to death. 

By using sensors, anti-lock brakes monitor the speed of wheels. ABS effectively reduce the pressure if it locks up. It means that your car is doing its level best to bring you to a halt.  

Additionally, a rotating wheel can allow you to have control of the car during a panic stop. The locked tires will cease to respond to the steering inputs. Therefore, the vehicle can plow ahead. Fortunately, a potentially hazardous situation can also be avoided. That said, many drivers are still unaware of its functions. All you need to do is keep your foot on the brake pedal, keep the pulsing on and voila, your car will stop more quickly! 

In a nutshell, ABS can help you to prevent your vehicles from locking when you slam the brakes of your car. With Brake Assists calculating the force and the speed at which the brakes are applied, ABS is activated faster. 

However, it cannot be denied that the road is full of negligent drivers. In case the ABS feature in their vehicles malfunctions and injures you, do not hesitate to call the car accident lawyers at Kuzyk Law, LLP to claim your rights. 

4. Seat belts

This feature has existed in our vehicles for a long time now. It is almost hard to remember if cars ever came without seat belts. To be honest, car crashes can be terrifying. The damage of the crash depends exponentially on the speed at which the car crashes. A huge amount of energy is dissipated during this time. 

Therefore, the best thing to do is to stay put until everything else comes to rest. Seat belts come in handy in such scenarios as they keep you in your place. But for that, you need to buckle up! However, if you feel that holding tightly onto a steering wheel can be a better option, then you might be kidding yourself! 

Honestly, an auto accident can be the most painful memory of your life. Running from one place to another to file a report, getting hold of the necessary documents, and claiming compensation can all be stressful. That is why it is better to consult an expert from law firms like Kuzyk Law. They can help you understand the process.  

5. Traction Control

The significance of traction controls remains highly neglected. But what would happen if a vehicle without traction attempts to accelerate on a slippery surface? The tires will spin and gain no traction. As a result, the vehicle will fail to accelerate. This system helps drivers to accelerate up a hill that is covered in gravel or icy roads. 

The wheel speed sensors in Traction control monitor the rotational speed of the four wheels. Additionally, it has a hydraulic modulator responsible for pumping the brakes. The electronic control unit of this system guides the modulator to pump the brakes after receiving information from the sensors. They seem to have different functions. But they usually work together as a unit to protect you and your vehicle from any unwanted tragedies. 

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6. Fog Lights

Are you planning a trip to the mountain with your family? If yes, then fog lights should be in your safety measure checklist. Mountains can have heavy fogs. Fogs can limit visibility and lead to low clarity of the path. Fog lights reduce the amount of light reflected at you by producing wider illumination. Thus, these lights can be a boon to prevent any mishaps.  

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7. Rearview Camera

Camera installation can sound less important in this huge list. But it certainly ensures your protection. Tiny cameras can be installed at the back of your car to get rear view. It can prove to be fruitful while reversing the car. 

Similarly, hiring attorneys may sound less important at this moment. But it is one of the most important safety features that can help you survive traumatic times. If you are interested to know how they can help you, consult Kuzyk Law.

8. Forward collision warning 

How do you feel about a car that can notify you in the face of an impending collision? It seems that all our prayers have been answered! Cars, nowadays, come loaded with a feature called Forward Collision Warning system. It can automatically alarm you when you come up behind another vehicle. It uses a system that sounds alarms when the driver needs to hit the brakes or take preventive measures. 

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9. Blind-spot monitoring

One of the leading causes of fatal car accidents is blind spots. That is why it becomes prudent for vehicles to monitor the unseen areas. This safety feature can scan the rear corners of the automobile invisible to the driver’s eyes. Blind-spot monitoring essentially detects when another vehicle moves into the area. Furthermore, it lights up the side mirrors automatically to alert the driver.

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10. Lane-departure warning and lane-keeping assist

How would you tackle the situation when your car goes awry or veers into another lane? This feature can, therefore, come in handy. It can track your position and alarm you regarding your movement. Usually, this feature uses a beep or vibration to warn the drivers. Often, this feature is assisted by “lane centering assist”. When activated, “lane centering assist” can help your car to avoid colliding with another vehicle. It does so by making a small brake or steering adjustment.  

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11. Inattentive driving monitor

A distracted driver lands into a pool of trouble. Therefore, Inattentive Driving Monitor can help to monitor the behaviors of drivers. It determines if they are completely focused on driving. If you are found distracted, the system can send warnings to make you more attentive to the situation. Some of the newest models of this system also apply brakes automatically to get your attention.

 Thousands of car accidents occur every day due to inattentive driving. Therefore, victims need a car accident lawyer who can understand the aspects of local courts, insurance companies, and injury law. Kuzyk Law can help you do all this and ensure that you get the deserved financial compensation. 

12. CAEB (City automatic emergency braking)

This technology can come in handy if you travel back and forth to urban areas with high traffic. The technology activates the brakes automatically when you travel at a slower speed. This helps in preventing collisions in high traffic areas.

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13. HAEB (High-speed automatic emergency braking) 

This safety feature is similar to CAEB on many levels but slightly different in its functions. It is more beneficial for traveling on highways at high speed. When it senses a probability of collision, it applies the brakes automatically.

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14. PD (Pedestrian detection)

While traveling on the road you should be attentive to your surroundings. You should be concerned about the well-being of the pedestrians. This system can help you do that as it detects the presence of cyclists and walkers. It sends a warning automatically to you. In case of emergencies, the system can also apply brakes on its own.  

To be honest, pedestrian fatalities have increased alarmingly. The complex nature of laws and the blame game played by insurance companies can all add to your problems. That is why it is prudent for you to call an attorney from Kuzyk Law. They are well-known for protecting their clients’ rights and helping in receiving compensation for injuries. 

15. Your Brain

Truth be told, this is the key to save your life. According to several public welfare reports, a total of 30,000-40,000 car crashes take place in the United States annually. The data portrays the inefficacy of the vehicles. It also highlights the carelessness of drivers who endanger others around them. That is the reason we have signs—Drive safely! Someone may be waiting for you at home— installed on every corner of the road. 

The best possible way to avoid a car crash is to drive attentively. Focus on the road. Note the changing conditions of the path. Look out for other drivers who may be reckless. Avoid texting and driving. Refrain from drinking and driving. Drive at a speed that is appropriate for all conditions. Most importantly, keep your eyes and mind open! 

By now, you might have a fair understanding of all the important safety features. Likewise, a personal injury lawyer is also necessary for tackling the aftermath of a car accident. If you are interested, you can learn more about car accident attorneys on the website of Kuzyk Law


Though you may have a boatload of technology, you would still be vulnerable unless you have control over yourself. That said, it is important to adhere to the rules of the road. Being sleep-deprived, starving, or mentally withered while driving, you can risk yourself and others around you. Technology exists to assist humans. Therefore, we should not overuse it to a point where it replaces our intelligence and overpowers us. That said, it would be a good idea to use human intelligence to tackle the aftershock of personal injury. Just tap into the web page of Kuzyk Law to learn about the process.