Who Will Pay Up Front for All of the Costs and Expenses of My Case?

You may understandably feel overwhelmed with how you can possibly pay up front for all your case’s expenses. Medical bills alone could be tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention the cost to repair your vehicle.
Who Pays Upfront Costs FAQ
Not to worry.

Here at Kuzyk Law, we advance all costs required to prosecute your case when we decide to take on your case.

We work on a contingency fee basis, which means we don’t get paid unless and until you do. We will then take our fee out of the financial recovery you receive either from a verdict in a court of law or a settlement with the insurance company.

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This cost advancement is explained in great detail to you in our retainer agreement. You will be asked to read and sign that retainer agreement when hiring us.

Why Must Costs be Advanced?

Costs must be advanced during any case in order to mount a comprehensive prosecution of your case. These costs will go towards:

  • Hiring experts and investigators
  • Conducting discovery
  • Researching your case
  • Preparing for trial
  • Gathering medical records
  • Examining police reports
  • Paying expert witness fees
  • Paying postage
  • Handling filing fees
  • Creating trial exhibits

These fees can get quite high, especially if yours is a high-profile case.

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We don’t expect you to come up with the tens of thousands of dollars it takes to cover these costs. You are only responsible for reimbursing the costs when the case settles.

If we don’t recover money for you, you owe us nothing.

Find out more about how costs and expenses are handled in your free case evaluation! Call Kuzyk Law now.

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