Many misconceptions exist about auto accident lawyers in California and around the nation, promulgated by movies, TV and books. It’s these assumptions and misconceptions that can prove costly to someone recently injured in a car accident who may just decide to handle their case on their own, sans legal representation.

This is a big mistake. The truth is that your California auto accident attorneys are vital to society, especially to those who need to get fair compensation for injuries sustained in an accident. Not only are your chances much higher for a settlement offer, but having an attorney navigate your case for you brings peace of mind to an already stressful situation.

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Let’s examine some of the most common myths associated with auto accident lawyers so you can better understand the need for a California auto accident attorney.

Common Misconceptions About California Auto Accident Attorneys

Myth #1: An Auto Accident Attorney is Just an Ambulance Chaser

Television and movies often portray auto accident attorneys in a negative light, defining lawyers as ruthless, cold ambulance chasers who are only after money. The insurance companies are some of the worst offenders who keep this misconception going, as it keeps them from having to pay out a fair compensation to a victim who may otherwise blindly trust the insurance claims adjuster. It’s actually the insurance companies who deserve most of the mistrust that’s so often associated with car accident attorneys.

In fact, the insurance companies’ business model is to save money, rather than pay out large settlements despite what the victim truly deserves. When you hire Kuzyk Law, you get access to a compassionate group of individuals who fight for YOU and ensure you don’t get taken advantage of by preying auto insurance claims adjusters.

Myth #2: You Don’t Need a Lawyer…That’s What Insurance is For!

This is one of the most misleading myths because it assumes the insurance companies will cover victims’ total damages. However, this is far from the truth. Insurance adjusters will do all they can to quickly offer you a settlement before you can retain the services of an attorney. Be wary of this offer, though: it’s likely going to be about three times less than what you really deserve. You may not realize this when you receive the letter. In fact, you may be tempted to just take the offer and run, which is exactly what the insurance company wants you to do. However, this is why you need a lawyer: to review the offer and make sure it will cover all your medical expenses, property damages, lost wages, and ongoing recovery expenses. These totals often amount to far more than you first assume. The insurance company doesn’t care about long-term expenses or actual costs. They simply want to throw you a low-ball settlement offer in the hopes that you will take it so they can close out the case. It looks good for their bottom line if you do so.

Myth #3: Auto Accident Attorneys Want to Sue For Unreasonable Sums

Many people don’t realize just how costly their auto accident injuries will be over the long term. When they hear an attorney say they can get an enormous sum of money for their injuries, they assume it’s simple greed that is driving those attorneys to seek such high amounts. However, even in minor accidents, the long-term damages that can result can be extremely high in regards to medical treatment, lost wages, and pain and suffering – not to mention the property damage that results. It’s always in your best interests to consult with a lawyer and see what they have to say first.

Myth #4: You Have Lots of Time to Think About the Situation Before Contacting a Lawyer

While you may assume you have plenty of time to consider your options, this isn’t so. The longer you wait, the more pressure you’ll get from the insurance company who wants you to settle. This will translate to a higher probability you will make costly mistakes regarding your case. Eventually, you will surpass the statute of limitations, which in California is two years. Even if you’re unsure you have a case, it’s always wise to simply place a phone call to a California auto accident attorney to see where you stand.

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