Have you been seriously burned in an accident?

Burn injuries are severe, painful and long-lasting, resulting from a variety of causes, from electrical burns to thermal burns to chemical burns. Serious burns that affect a large portion of the body often require painful skin grafting, therapy and hospital stays for many months, years and even over a lifetime.  This treatment requires huge medical expenses.

You shouldn’t have to keep paying for those ongoing bills because of someone else’s negligence!

Beyond the Burn Injury

In addition to the initial burn experience that can be scary and extremely painful, the effects of those scars extend beyond the physical realm and into the psychological. For example, victims can develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that can require years or even life-long treatment and counseling.
Burn Injury Victims Need Kuzyk Law

Insurance Companies: Out for Themselves

Insurance companies, by their very nature, are notorious for trying to get away with paying the least amount possible for their customers or burn accident victims. Their standard payout model dictates that the less money they give you, the more money they keep for themselves. You don’t need to settle for such a paltry payout! There is a solution and it begins and ends with the burn injury lawyers at Kuzyk Law.  Kuzyk Law is not known as “The Insurance Crushers” for no reason… we Crush insurance companies and force them to pay the full and fair amount as required by law.

Getting Sufficient Compensation

The initial hospital stay is very expensive, of course, but it really is not what brings the largest medical bills. With burn injuries that can have devastating, lasting effects, you could be facing years of therapy, surgery and medical bills arising from common burn injuries such as permanent scarring, nerve damage, multiple reconstructive surgeries, and lifelong psychological trauma.

Those effects are expensive, and they can extend well into the future. If the victim is the breadwinner of the family, those problems are compacted due to loss of wages during recovery. Getting sufficient compensation with the help of your personal injury attorney means getting peace of mind.

Here at Kuzyk Law, we’ve handled cases involving all of them in our more than 45 years of practice. You deserve a proper payout, which should be much more than the insurance company is willing to shell out. We can help you achieve that.
Kuzyk Law Helps Burn Injury Victims

Getting Insurance Companies to Pay

Failure to secure proper legal representation by lawyers with decades of experience could mean the difference between a paltry payout and one that will meet all your financial needs now and in the future. A free case evaluation by Kuzyk Law will help you explore your options and kick start the process of getting you the money you deserve. After acquiring immediate medical attention to treat and document your injuries, it’s time to call Kuzyk Law right away to increase your chances of settlement success.

While we take care of details on our end, follow your doctor’s orders for recovery and healing. We also ask that you save EVERYTHING related to your case, from documents to photos – even prescription bottles.  Take as many pictures as you can to show what happened, what caused the burn injury, the extent of those injuries, and your medical and treatment progress.  These photos can make all the difference to a jury, if necessary, and that can really scare an insurance company into paying what they should rather than risk being subject to an award determined by a jury.

Get in Touch With Kuzyk Law

Delays will only hurt your settlement. Call the Fresno personal injury attorneys at Kuzyk Law. We have the experience and expertise to secure the financial payout that will allow you to handle all the medical bills that are sure to come your way.

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