Being attacked by a dog, no matter how small or little, no matter where the injury takes place on your body, often leaves both physical and emotional scars that follow you for life. Witnessing a child or other loved one become the helpless victim of a dog attack is just as scarring.

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If a dog bite has left you permanently disfigured and psychologically traumatized, it’s time you got the compensation you deserve. Animals are wild by nature; even the most trained and seemingly docile dogs can snap and go on the attack. In other instances, dogs are bred by their owners to be aggressive. With natural weapons in the form of teeth and claws, dogs must be held accountable for their actions by their owners.

Make it a priority to consult with a dog bite attorney immediately so that your chances of securing fair compensation go up. With experienced lawyers working diligently on dog bite lawsuits every day, we go the extra mile to hold the dog owner responsible for your injuries.
5 Reasons to Hire a Dog Bite Attorney
Nearly 1,000 people flood U.S. emergency rooms for serious dog bite injuries yearly, with 9,500 hospitalizations for those injuries and 900 fatalities, according to If you or a loved one have been affected by a devastating dog bite, we can help. Here we will go over five reasons to hire a Lancaster dog bite attorney.

1.      Skilled Negotiation Skills

Most people steer clear of confrontation, which is what legal negotiations are all about. Only the boldest, diligent and most tenacious people can stick with a dog bite case from start to finish without wavering. Most of them are lawyers. They thrive on negotiation, bringing extensive experience to the table in dealing with insurance companies. You are understandably confused over whether the settlement offered by your insurance company is fair. Your attorney isn’t confused. He or she knows what’s fair and when you’re being taken advantage of.

Just because you got a settlement offer doesn’t mean you should take any amount thrown at you. An experienced dog bite attorney will look over the offer, note its deficiencies, and counter with the amount you should really get. This process may be a volley between both parties several times over. No worries: your attorneys won’t back down until they are satisfied the amount will compensate you fairly.

In the end, if you know you don’t have the time, patience, follow through or resources to push repeatedly for what you want, hiring a Lancaster dog bite attorney is in your best interests.

2.      Far-Reaching Legal Knowledge

Those who don’t have a firm grasp of the intricacies of California law (most people!) should rely on the experts who do. Because state laws regarding dog bites are complex, you need someone whose full-time job it is to know them. If you’re just trying to show up to your own job while nursing your injuries, it can be nearly impossible to tackle a lawsuit on your own. Let your attorney interpret the laws and use that knowledge to assist you in making a fair recovery.

3.      Experience

Online legal sites are a dime a dozen, making everyone feel as though they’re an armchair lawyer. But successfully negotiating your own case isn’t nearly as easy as it seems. Relying solely on online sources will compromise the integrity of your case. You need personal, professional experience for your dog bite case. They’ve seen similar cases to yours many times, and can use those case studies and examples to educate you on the process, as well as outline what to expect.

4.      Access to Resources

When you hire a dog bite attorney in Lancaster, you’re hiring a team of people who will work hard to resolve your case and keep you apprised of progress every step of the way. You’ll have a lead attorney, a paralegal for research and legwork, and investigators to collect evidence. Just think: if your lawyer needs a whole team of people to handle your case, you know for sure you can’t realistically handle it on your own.

5.      Personal Advocacy

Everyone needs the assurance of having someone on their side when facing adversity. The job of your lawyer is to work diligently on your behalf to ensure you get the settlement amount you deserve that is most in line with your injuries. The other part of your lawyer’s job is to prosecute the at-fault party so that a senseless dog bite never happens to another person. Thus, you get a personal advocate fighting for you who won’t rest until dog owners are held accountable in protecting the public from further injustices.

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