A slip and fall lawyer is necessary when you’ve been hurt on someone else’s property. Because accidents never come with a warning, you can’t predict when you might experience an accident at home, outside, at a party or at the store. One of the most common types of accidents we deal with here at Kuzyk Law is slips and falls. They can happen anywhere and can involve anything from slipping on liquids to tripping on wires, carpets or uneven flooring.

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If you’re lucky, you will escape serious injury. In the worst cases, you can break a bone, slip a disc, break your neck or worse. When a fall occurs at a commercial establishment such as a restaurant or store, you may have a right to collect compensation. This is where slip and fall attorneys can help you.
5 Most Important Qualities of a Slip and Fall Lawyer
Let’s take a look at the five most important qualities of a reputable, skilled slip and fall attorney in Los Angeles.

1.      Compassionate

When an injury happens due to the negligence of someone else, it can affect the victim both physically and emotionally. A compassionate lawyer will listen to what you have to say, offer suggestions and help you out. You want a lawyer who will treat you like family – not just another case number.

2.      Reasonable

Getting compensation is the most important factor in any personal injury case. Thus, your lawyer must be practical and reasonable when deciding how much you deserve. When the compensation amount is unreasonable, it can act as a roadblock for a successful negotiation of your case. A good lawyer will know the fine line between a reasonable settlement request and an outrageous one.

3.      Involved

A reputable slip and fall attorney will personally handle your case from that first phone call to the successful conclusion. Being involved in the whole process from start to finish, with compassion and skill in between, will ensure you get the right compensation. All too often, lawyers leave all the legwork, details and communication up to assistants; a dedicated lawyer has a vested interest in the outcome of your case and will communicate with you personally.

It’s important to have someone who actually knows your name and unique situation in your corner. Assistants don’t have the legal training and experience to completely understand the nuances of the law and how to prepare for a case of this magnitude.

4.      Responsive

As a slip and fall victim, naturally you have many questions for your slip fall attorney in Los Angeles. You want someone who will patiently listen to your questions and concerns and offer thorough answers and explanations. Responsiveness is a top trait of slip and fall lawyers. A slip and fall case can take months or years to resolve. That’s a long time to be frustrated day after day when your lawyer is unwilling to meet with you and answer all your questions.

5.      Thorough

There are so many details that must be gathered in order to make a strong case. A slip and fall lawyer should be thorough and diligent enough in collecting every possible piece of information regarding your case. This will only strengthen your chances of getting the desired compensation.

Remember, a slip and fall can really do a number on your body and mind. Make sure you have a qualified, motivated lawyer on your side to help you through the whole process.

Contact The Slip And Fall Accident Lawyers At Kuzyk Law

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