Motorists pay for car insurance so they can be compensated for personal injuries in the event an unfortunate accident takes place. Additionally, auto insurance can cover liability costs depending on the kind of coverage you get. Everyone on the road should have car insurance; that’s for sure. However, when your injuries as a result of a crash are serious and require months or years of medical attention and rehab, not to mention loss of wages, having car accident attorneys in Bakersfield on your side to file a claim and possible lawsuit is in your best interests.

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Because it’s the insurance companies’ MO to ensure that you get the least compensation possible, an experienced lawyer is there to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Here are some benefits of hiring car accident attorneys in Bakersfield.

1.   Thorough Understanding of Law

Car accident attorneys have an in-depth knowledge of personal injury law in general and car accident law in particular. They arm themselves with this knowledge to advance your interests in a professional, timely and thorough manner. Your auto accident attorneys will do all they can to make sure you’re adequately compensated for your injuries as well as for damages to your car. They will gather the necessary evidence and witnesses to strengthen your case and wield their experience to properly deal with insurance companies that are reluctant to compensate you with a fair settlement.
Top Reasons to Hire Auto Accident Attorneys in Bakersfield

2.      Fair Representation in Court

Many people hire a lawyer when disputing a claim. Let’s say your insurance company only offered you money for medical expenses but you also suffered a total loss on your vehicle, which you need in order to get to and from work. Perhaps the amount intended for medical bills isn’t nearly enough by your doctor’s estimation, as you may need many months of expensive rehabilitation. In that case, you can fight for additional compensation. Your lawyer is your personal advocate, not just in filing your claim but relentlessly pursuing an amount that is more in line with your injuries, pain and suffering, and vehicular damages. Most lawyers will attempt to settle with the insurance company to keep legal costs low and bring a prompt close to the case. However, sometimes this just isn’t possible, especially when the insurance company won’t bend. You want an attorney who will have no problem heading to court on your behalf to close the case.

3.   Limitation Periods

Many limitation periods exist that could apply to your claim, such as a time limit to which you can file. Usually, personal injury cases in California have a two-year statute of limitations. There are many other filing deadlines to be aware of, and your attorney knows them all to ensure you don’t miss anything.

4.   Authorizations

Your insurance company will ask you to authorize release of employment and medical documents and other pertinent information to the case. This allows them to contact your health provider and employer directly, giving them access to confidential information that may not even be relevant to your claim. A reputable auto insurance attorney will obtain only the necessary documents on your behalf and supply the insurance with this information to support the claim.

5.   Medical Examinations

If you have sustained injuries in the accident, your insurance agent may want to schedule its own medical examination to assess your condition, for which they will use their own network of doctors. This medical specialist will only evaluate your injuries, not treat you, then give a detailed report to the insurance company. Your lawyer will monitor the exam to ensure professional conduct is followed.

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