Brain injuries — among the most costly and debilitating injuries one can sustain – are complex to say the least, with their future effects largely unknown due to those complexities. Those suffering from a traumatic brain injury could be eligible for compensation to address short- and long-term needs. The benefits you are given by the insurance company many times do not meet the financial needs of your traumatic brain injury (TBI).

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If you are thinking about filing a brain injury claim for yourself or a loved one, it can be tough to know whether you need a lawyer in the first place, as well as the benefits that could come with hiring such a professional.
First off, traumatic brain injury claims are not easy to follow through on due to the complexity of brain injuries. In order to win a claim, you not only must know how to prove the full extent of your injury to the insurance company or court system but you also must become adept at navigating the legal system in California. Because most individuals have no legal background and lack the experience necessary to handle these types of cases, it’s in your best interest to hire a Bakersfield brain injury attorney to represent you.
3 Important Benefits Brain Injury Attorneys Can Provide
Here are three benefits of hiring a legal professional.

1. A Brain Injury Lawyer Will Build the Strongest Case Possible

As we said above, brain injury cases are notoriously difficult to win. There has to be solid evidence that your injury was caused by another party and that they are legally liable for the damages claimed. On top of that, you also have to show evidence of how the brain injury has affected you — your work, health, future, family, relationships, and well-being.
A lawyer can bring the resources and legal know-how necessary to assist with these tasks.

  • Compile evidence to support your claim.
  • Secure medical expert testimony if needed.
  • Build and present your case to insurance companies or the court.

2. A Brain Injury Lawyer Will Fight for Max Compensation

If someone else caused or contributed to your brain injury, you can list out the many damages that are related to the injury on your claim. There are many types of damages that could be compensable but that you may not be aware of. A Bakersfield brain injury attorney knows them all and can explore them to get you the max amount.
For example, you could be compensated for speech therapy related to your brain injury, or recover your transportation expenses to and from specialist appointments. You may also be compensated for the cost of hired help in your home to handle all the housework you can’t do due to the injury. Sadly, many victims don’t know they can be compensated for these things, and thus miss out on money that could help them.
A lawyer working on your behalf will help you come up with a detailed list of all your damages, along with the evidence that can prove them, so you can secure a fair settlement.

3. A Brain Injury Lawyer Will Look Out For You

A brain injury lawyer should be familiar with the special concerns related to traumatic brain injury and head trauma, including:

  • Common causes of these injuries
  • Nature of brain injury and recovery
  • How to determine liability
  • Long-term financial considerations of treating TBI

With this knowledge and personal attention given to your case, your Bakersfield brain injury attorney will protect your best interests as your case progresses. When the insurance company attempts to send you a lowball offer, your attorney will negotiate for more. When the lawyer for the defense attempts to pin fault on you, your attorney will argue otherwise. Knowing someone is fighting on your behalf so you can have the best chance of winning your claim is all about peace of mind.
For these reasons and many more, it’s important that you hire a Bakersfield brain injury attorney who has direct experience handling similar cases.

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