Have you been in a car accident due to the negligence or carelessness of someone else? You are legally entitled to compensation. Follow these tips to ensure the highest settlement possible after an accident that has caused you or a loved one harm.

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However, before you can begin any settlement regarding your auto accident settlement, it’s important to seek medical attention from a doctor, who can assess your injuries and move forward with the appropriate treatment. This is important information that will form the basis of your case.Having a record of your medical treatment is a vital first step in providing proper documentation of income loss, medical bills, or pain and suffering arising from your injuries.

How to get the most out of your car accident settlement

1.     Keep Accurate Records

The police should have a record of your auto accident on file. Make sure you have provided a clear, accurate statement that outlines what happened step by step. Keep records of witness statements, medical records, police reports, prescription receipts, injury photos,and car repair bills.

2.      Be Your Own Advocate

Because you are your biggest advocate, you will have to be responsible for ensuring you are doing your part in keeping painstaking documentation. Only you know what truly happened. Be open and honest with your lawyer and have records handy as needed. You may also want to keep a daily journal of your ordeal and your pain and suffering. You can never be too detailed with your auto accident injury claim.

3.      Take Photos

Photos are the strongest form of evidence you can provide.Take more photos than you think you will need, from the damage to your car to skid marks in the street. If your case goes to trial, which is rare, juries will be making their decision based on concrete evidence such as photos of the scene as well as your injuries.

4.      Don’t Hand Over Medical Records

The other party’s insurance company may ask for copies of your medical records. Say no. Many auto accident victims, in an effort to comply and move their case along, agree.However, this information will arm you with access to your medical records and could work against you in your claim.

5.     Don’t be Pressured into Settling

Insurance adjusters will use all types of ruses to trick you into settling for a smaller amount than what’s fair. They may deny fault completely or get you to admit the accident was partially your fault. They may even do it politely, engaging you with false assurances that they are on your side. Keep in mind they are not there to make friends, they are there to ensure their company saves money. Ideally, they want you to settle quickly before you contact an attorney so you are more open to their persuasion. Hold your ground and wait for a fair settlement. Your auto accident injury lawyers will do the negotiating, and will let you know when an offer is reasonable.

6.     Keep Seeing Your Doctor

Meantime, keep seeing your doctor until given the all-clear. Many people will start to feel better and then simply stop seeing their doctor. Your doctor is a medical professional who has seen personal injuries stemming from car accidents many times, and knows the many complications that can result from your type of injury – even well after the fact. Wait until your doctor releases you before you decide to stop going.

7. Hire an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer Near You

Choosing the right personal injury lawyers can only help the outcome of your auto accident settlement. Attorneys possess expert knowledge of the law that they can apply to view police reports, doctors’ statements, medical bills, photos, and time off work claims. Plus, insurance companies know which lawyers in the area are tenacious and shouldn’t be pushed. Indeed, they know Kuzyk Law and they know we will never back down.

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