Uber came on the scene in 2009 and has since then become the ride-sharing solution of choice for many Americans. Those who benefit from Uber’s services know how convenient it is. With just a touch of a few buttons on the app, you can order up an Uber, pay for it, and even tip. If you drive for Uber, you can make some great money on the side just by driving people around.

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However, the Uber phenomenon is not without its drawbacks. Since its inception, Uber has faced several lawsuits. Because Uber doesn’t impose strict regulations on drivers, it is often the victim of accusations by passengers. And on the passenger side, there are many instances of wrongdoing that result in harm. Pedestrians hit by drivers may also have cause to sue.
What to Expect From an Uber Accident Settlement
If you have been involved in an Uber accident as a passenger, would you know what to do? You may need an Uber accident settlement lawyer.

What an Uber Accident Settlement May Look Like

Take a look at real Uber accident settlement cases in which someone has sued Uber. Some cases resulted in settlement, while others are pending.

  • In San Francisco in 2013, three family members were walking on a crosswalk (including a small girl) when a vehicle hit them. The small child did not survive the incident. The driver had just activated his Uber app so he could take on fares as a new driver, which is why the judge ruled that Uber held liability for his actions. Uber settled the case but the details of the accident settlement have remained confidential.
  • Another car accident took place in 2015 involving a woman whom an Uber taxi driver in Dallas, TX, picked up. The driver ran a red light, colliding with a truck while in the intersection. The passenger was seriously injured and was left in a wheelchair. The lawsuit alleged that the Uber driver did not have a clean criminal record, plus his car was not insured at the time of the accident.
  • In December 2015, a married couple visiting Florida was riding in an Uber when their driver crashed into another vehicle. The impact broke the man’s leg while the wife suffered several serious injuries requiring multiple surgeries that may prevent her from returning to her career as a nurse. The Uber driver had turned into a lane of traffic, failing to yield to oncoming traffic. This lawsuit against Uber is pending in the courts.

Uber faces liability for two of the three cases, with plaintiffs due to receive an Uber accident settlement.

Passengers of many other Uber accidents have filed lawsuits. As a passenger of an Uber rideshare, it’s important to know how to handle an Uber accident.

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