Have You Suffered a Burn Injury In Santa Clarita?

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Burn injuries are extremely serious and can be life-threatening. Not only do they pose a high degree of pain, that pain can extend for years or even a lifetime. The scars are psychological as well as physical, often leading to therapy bills, medical visits and more, all costing a large amount of money.

Are you prepared for that eventuality?

Make the Santa Clarita burn injury lawyers at Kuzyk Law the first phone call you make after getting medical care. Burns can be chemical, electrical, thermal or radiological in nature, with some victims even developing post-traumatic stress disorder after the fact.

As a burn injury victim, you deserve a proper payout, one that will ensure your family is taken care of while you recover. Look to us as your trusted Santa Clarita burn injury lawyers. Let us start fighting for compensation on your behalf. Don’t settle for the paltry payouts offered by the insurance companies. We can get you what you need to cover medical and physical therapy bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

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Burn Injuries in Santa Clarita Can be Life Altering

It’s a sobering statistic: the number of burn injury patients requiring medical treatment reaches about 486,000 each year in the United States, according to the American Burn Association. From grease fires to car fires, the unexpected can and does happen with alarming frequency a big city like Santa Clarita, third largest in Los Angeles County.

Who Will Take Care of Your Family?

Although you probably can’t think beyond your recovery right now, you must. Who will take care of your family if you were the sole money maker? How will you pay for all those medical bills – not just now but months or years from now? You may assume the insurance company will do all they can to get you adequate monetary restitution, but that’s not the case. They usually go for a quick payout that doesn’t even touch the amount of money you need to properly treat your burns.

Common effects of burns include:

  • Debilitating fear and emotional suffering
  • Large and ongoing medical expenses
  • Permanent scarring due to skin tissue damage
  • Nerve damage
  • Lifelong emotional and psychological trauma
  • Inability to grow new skin
  • Oversensitivity to heat, cold, or sunlight
  • Disfigurement and cosmetic deformities
  • Multiple reconstructive and restorative surgeries
  • Inability to sweat efficiently
  • Loss of limbs due to injury-related amputation

The potential for burns of all kinds is everywhere, and not always all due to traditional fires as one would think. They can result from scalding, contact burns, gamma radiation burns and flammable liquid explosions. The results can be deadly. Those who survive can live with painful skin lesions that require grafting surgeries. The cases range from mild to severe, but the bottom line remains: you shouldn’t have to pay for the damages inflicted by another party.

That’s where we come in.
Burn Injury Santa Clarita

Compassionate Burn Injury Attorneys in Santa Clarita

When you choose Kuzyk Law, you choose competency, diligence and attention to detail. We don’t back down from fights with the insurance companies. In fact, we know how they operate and do all we can to get you much more than the standard payout they offer, which is the minimum possible –barely enough to cover immediate expenses. Anything from permanent scarring to massive reconstructive surgery can be required for burn victims, changing lives irreparably.

Physical therapy visits…surgeries…skin grafts…lost wages – it all adds up. This is why you need expert personal injury attorneys in Santa Clarita on your side to obtain the compensation you deserve.

While we can’t begin to ease the physical pain and trauma you and your family have been through, what we CAN do is help your financial situation so you have one less thing to worry about on your road to recovery.

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When you have been the unfortunate victim of a burn injury in Santa Clarita, don’t waste a moment: call our skilled and experienced burn injury attorneys immediately after you have been evaluated by a medical doctor.

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