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A bicycle accident with an automobile can result in major injury. From missed work to medical bills, your losses as the victim of a bicycle accident in Santa Clarita pile up fast. Recouping those losses is an uphill battle all the way.

How can you possibly go up against big insurance companies whose entire business model is to pay out as little as possible? It’s important to act fast — the longer you wait for help from a Santa Clarita bicycle accident lawyer after an accident, the harder it is to win your case.

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With more than 100,000 settled cases under our belts, Kuzyk Law’s Santa Clarita personal injury attorneys have the experience necessary to fight for our clients against insurance companies and maximize compensation for those involved in bicycle accidents.

Bicycle Accidents Put You in a Vulnerable Position

The Santa Clarita/Lancaster area is home to 500,000 residents. Think about how many of those people drive cars and bicycles, and put them all on the roadways together. That represents a high risk of accident, especially when motorists don’t follow basic rules of the road. According to the Journal of American Medical Association, collisions with motor vehicles are by far the biggest hazard in bicycling, leading to at least four-fifths of all fatalities.

A Santa Clarita bicycle accident lawyer at Kuzyk Law can fight every case as if our client is a close family member, backed by personalized, face-to-face service. From medical referrals to comprehensive legal filing services, we can help you get the monetary reward you deserve after a devastating bike accident.
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Bicycle Accident Settlements Are Our Specialty

Bicycle accidents are an unfortunate occurrence on Santa Clarita roadways, especially in congested downtown areas and on sweeping curves, turning deadly in the blink of an eye. Riding a bike along busy city streets or dusty canyon roads poses a threat to your safety, despite your best intentions of staying fit and getting around town without contributing to the emissions problem in LA.

Kuzyk Law has been defending bicycle accident cases in and around Santa Clarita since 1971. Headquartered in Lancaster, we are the area’s only personal injury law firm that has handled exclusively personal injury claims for more than four decades.

“You have always been great; I really appreciate all of you.” – Jean M., Lancaster

If you or a loved one is the victim of a bike accident, we know how tragic the aftermath can be. You’re trying to recover while providing for your family, yet the medical and rehab bills keep coming. We can get you compensation for catastrophic injuries, huge medical bills and even wrongful death.

Many bicycle accidents involve a hit and run with a motor vehicle. However, the injuries sustained by the bicyclist can be even more cataclysmic than a pedestrian accident, where the person is generally standing still or walking. Because a biker is in motion, often going at high speeds as well, the collision of two moving entities is devastating. The biker, who is inherently exposed without the protective metal wrapping and airbags a motorist has, faces a higher rate of injury.
Bike in Crosswalk Santa Clarita
This type of case is fairly complicated to fight, as determining who is actually at fault can be tough. In the case of a hit and run where the driver flees the scene, locating the responsible party adds another layer of difficulty.

Many factors contribute to a bicycle accident on the part of motorists, such as:

  • Careless or distracted driving while making turns
  • Speeding
  • Texting or talking on phone while driving
  • Failure to yield to pedestrian right of way, such as a crosswalk
  • Alcohol or drug use (DUI)

As someone unfamiliar with bicycle laws, you may assume your insurance company will get you the financial payout you deserve. This is rarely the case. Insurance companies are known for adhering to a strict model of minimum payouts, which can leave you with unpaid medical bills and lost wages well into the future.

Blaming the Bicyclist First

Insurance claims adjusters use comparative negligence to evaluate how much their insured client should receive, often using this to get the total settlement value reduced rather than provide full insurance coverage due. Adjusters often blame the bicyclist in order to further lessen the value.

This is exactly why you need a personal injury law firm in Santa Clarita to fight for the monetary reward you need in order to move on with life while you recover. Often times, bicycle accident victims need several months or even years of rehabilitative medical care due to broken bones and other grievous injuries that can occur when being hit by a ton or more of speeding metal.

Accident Attorney Experts

Our Santa Clarita personal injury attorneys aren’t intimidated by insurance claims adjusters who want to get away with as little a payout as possible. We have the tools and experience to cut through the red tape of insurance companies and the bureaucracy of the court system that so often prevent victims from getting what they’re owed.

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Santa Clarita, the third largest city LA County, was ranked by Money magazine in 2006 as #18 out of the top 100 places to live. Incorporated in 1987, it’s just 35 miles from downtown LA.

In our more than 45 year history, we’ve collected more than $1 billion in settlements and verdicts, and many of our cases originate in Santa Clarita. Our unrelenting personal injury legal team refuses to give up until they secure the full value you’re entitled to. Many times, we don’t even have to resort to the courtroom because we do all the work behind the scenes. We get results in Santa Clarita!

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